Our Values

Collaboration – Excellence – Transparency – Trust: Our values are what make us unique as an organization

As a scientific organization we put a huge emphasis in the cultural and personal fit when recruiting new staff members. As such we know that a workplace culture built on principles that employees believe in not only increases performance, but also ensures happier and more motivated employees who feel committed to the organization. 

We know that achieving the vision and mission of European XFEL requires passion, expertise and teamwork, as such we believe that our people are key to success.
Our values provide stability and reliable guidelines for our behavior and decisions. Thus, living up to our values is helping all employees in achieving our mission and providing a frame of reference for our strategic decisions. 

The implementation of values is a continuous process of dialogue. Understanding what we value and why gives us a greater sense of connection and will enable us to work more effectively together. As part of our continuous learning and personnel development initiatives, we offer an exciting range of development opportunities to all employees at every level. To help you excel in your role and live our values, we provide training in key skills, such as communication and presentation, conflict management and leadership.

Our values at a glance:


We collaborate at all levels

  • We listen and collaborate in order to contribute to our common purpose
  • We are responsible for what we do and reflect on how we act


We aim to be excellent where it matters

  • We support and encourage everyone to be the best they can
  • We strive to deliver on our mission to operate and grow a world-class science facility


We value transparent processes and decisions

  • We communicate honestly and openly and we are encouraged to speak up and present our own views
  • We have well defined-processes and roles and we agree on clear, transparent decisions


We value trust-based relationships that respect the expertise and roles of our staff

  • We are committed to building a trusting environment and are empowered to act with courage and integrity
  • We act with empathy, fairness, and respect and we value our diversity

European XFEL Values Flyer