The European XFEL is a research facility open to scientists worldwide. Beamtime is free of charge, but experiment proposals must go through a peer-review process. Proposals must be submitted through the User Portal to the European XFEL (UPEX) in the frame of specific calls for proposals. As an important condition for access, after the experiments, the authors must strive to publish the results in peer-reviewed journals.

User experiments postponed (As a measure to reduce spread of SARS-CoV-2 the user run has been rescheduled)

Due to the increasing rate of COVID-19 infections all over the world and travel restrictions introduced by many countries, the European XFEL Management Board decided to postpone the remaining user experiments planned in the current run until June 2020 to a later date.

As a consequence, the allocation period for the following user run 6, for which proposals have been submitted, will also have to be postponed and very likely shifted to 2021. The exact dates will depend on the development of the COVID-19 situation worldwide.

Researchers affected by this decision can contact the European XFEL user office at

As a precautionary measure only European XFEL staff, registered guests and interns, DESY staff, registered users and external contractors carrying out necessary work are allowed to enter the European XFEL campus until further notice. The company restaurant beamstop is also closed for external visitors.

There is no call for Proposals open at the moment.

Information from the latest call for Proposals:

WEDNESDAY 11 December 2019 16:00 (local Hamburg/Schenefeld time – Central European Time CET)
Outcome of beamtime allocation process
April 2020
Allocation period
July-November 2020
Detailed information
Open Call for Proposals

Instrument overview:


All proposals submitted in this call will be reviewed for their scientific quality by panels of international experts and, in addition, checked for safety and feasibility conditions. Proposals shall consider the specific conditions expected for this allocation period.

Please refer to the *specific instrument web pages*  for more details about available parameters, equipment and systems for this call.

Scheduled Experiments

  • Cycle 202001 (February 2020 - June 2020)


  • Cycle 201901 (July 2019 - November 2019)


  • Cycle 201802 (November 2018 - June 2019)


  • Cycle 201801 (August 2018 - October 2018)


  • Cycle 201701 (September 2017 - Juni 2018)