Management Board

The European XFEL management board is composed of its chairperson and the administrative director, both being managing directors (“Geschäftsführer”) in the sense of the German law on companies with limited liability (GmbHG), and three scientific directors.


  • Chairman Prof. Dr. Robert Feidenhans'l
  • Administrative Director Dr. Nicole Elleuche
  • Scientific Director Prof. Dr. Serguei Molodtsov
  • Scientific Director Dr. Andreas S. Schwarz
  • Scientific Director Dr. Thomas Tschentscher
European XFEL Management Board (from left to right): Thomas Tschentscher, Robert Feidenhans'l, Nicole Elleuche, Andreas S. Schwarz, Serguei Molodtsov


European XFEL Management Board

European XFEL Management Board

European XFEL GmbH
Holzkoppel 4
22869 Schenefeld


The chairperson of the management board

is the leader of the management board and

  • has the overall responsibility in all scientific, technical, and organizational matters
  • is the public representative of the management board and the company
  • coordinates the work of the management board
  • regularly calls and chairs meetings of the management board
  • acts as the primary contact at the company for members of the Council and its committees as well as the shareholders
  • prepares draft agendas for Council meetings in consultation with the chairperson of the Council
  • requests extraordinary meetings of the Council if it is required in the interest of the company
  • appoints chief representatives (“Generalbevollmächtigte”) for the company

The administrative director

is in charge of:

  • legal and financial issues
  • procurement
  • general services
  • personnel and recruitment
  • technical safety and security

The scientific directors

are responsible for scientific and technical matters, in particular:

  • the organization of the design, construction, commissioning and operation of all undulator systems for the European XFEL
  • defining the diagnostics requirements for commissioning and operation of the undulator systems
  • the liaison with the European XFEL Machine Advisory Committee and the DESY Accelerator Division
  • the design, construction, commissioning and operation of the photon beam systems (including optics, beam transport, diagnostics and detectors), the instrumentation and the experiment environment (including optical lasers)
  • the establishment of the scientific programme of the European XFEL
  • the liaison with the European XFEL Scientific Advisory Committee
  • follow-up of civil engineering
  • beamline and experiment controls
  • overall data acquisition
  • technical groups (including mechanical and electronics workshops, technical support and computing services/IT) and
  • development and administration of a user programme for the facility