Optical Lasers

Users must provide information on the laser class and wavelength as well as the supplier's certificate that indicates the type, class, wavelength and power. All lasers class 3 and 4 must be registered with the Safety and Radiation Protecion group. Please contact the Laser Safety Officer of the Safety and Radiation Protection Group Pouneh Saffari for questions.

Laser safety for users

Work with lasers at European XFEL

At European XFEL, if users intend to work with the Class 3 B or/ and Class 4 lasers or more precisely  if they wish to be present at the experimental hutch when the laser interlock is set they are obliged to follow the below procedure:

  1. Bring the certificate from the Laser Safety Officer (LSO)or the safety group of their home institute confirming that the user has an adequate knowledge of the laser safety and working with class 3 and 4 lasers. The letter can be submitted electronically to the user office. Those that they cannot bring such a letter can book a classroom type laser safety training with the senior LSO of the Safety & Radiation Protection (SRP) group in European XFEL “” , at least one week  before their arrival date.
  2. Users must take the onsite laser safety training by the designated LSO of the instrument upon their arrival.

Laser Hutches

Users are not allowed to enter the instrument laser hutches without being accompanied by a member of the instrument group.

Introducing lasers to European XFEL

All lasers brought by users must be CE certified, otherwise the machine safety specialist from the SRP group, must be contacted in advance to check the possibility and feasibility of using such equipment in European XFEL.  Users must submit all technical data sheet, operation manual and the letter of conformity to the user office to be checked by the SRP group before transporting their lasers.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • For using lasers that belong to European XFEL facilities, the instrument group of European XFEL provides all necessary laser PPEs for the users.
  • Users must bring their own PPE for the lasers brought by users to the European XFEL.  All laser safety goggles brought by users must be CE certified and their data sheet must be submitted to the user office to be checked by the SRP group at least one week before users’ arrival.
  • Additionally, these goggles must be inspected and approved by the senior LSO of the SRP upon users’ arrival.


Zunaira Ansari

Zunaira Ansari

Radiation Protection Commissioner , Safety and Radiation Protection (E2.114 / XHQ)

European XFEL GmbH
Holzkoppel 4
22869 Schenefeld