Supporting infrastructure

MID assembly and sample preparation room

In the SASE2 area, a small room is available for assembly of equipment and simple sample preparation and tests. Here, users will have the possibility to carry out preparations and smaller modifications or repair their setups. Workbench and tools will be available.

European XFEL user labs

The European XFEL hosts multiple laboratories dedicated to user sample preparation. The Sample Environment group is leading the laboratories and provides user support. For more information please follow the provided link.

European XFEL user labs

MID light scattering lab

MID provides additional sample characterization by dynamic (DLS) and static (SLS) light scattering measurements with an LS Spectrometer (LS Instruments).

Intensity auto-correlation functions can be measured with a smallest delay time of 12.5ns at scattering angles from 25° to 150°. The incoming intensity of a 660nm Cobolt Flamenco CW laser can be precisely tuned up to 100mW to optimize the scattering signal.

The software provided by LS Instruments allows to fit correlation functions and intensities to estimate characteristic parameters like hydrodynamic radius, radius of gyration, size distribution, from- and structure factor.

For DLS measurements with non-ergodic samples and SLS measurements with concentrated solutions, the sample can be rotated with different velocities allowing for a sufficient ensemble average.

The system is temperature controlled and is capable of performing measurements between 10°C and 70°C.