Scientific Instrument SQS

Small Quantum Systems (SQS): Investigation of atoms, ions, molecules and clusters in intense fields and non-linear phenomena

The SQS instrument will investigate processes in atoms, ions, small molecules and clusters occurring under highly intense beams using a variety of spectroscopy techniques. Scientific areas of application are atomic and molecular physics, chemical dynamics, optical phenomena and matter under extreme conditions.

Samples are typically prepared in gaseous form, in jets or beams, or by trapping. While in the TDR-2006 two major different applications (high-resolution spectroscopy & high-flux applications) were described, leading to the request of two SQS instruments, the startup scenario allows for one instrument only. The major difference lies in the usage of a high-resolution monochromator. The current planning foresees to build the instrument without monochromator suitable for high-field applications, non-linear processes and time-resolved pump-probe investigations. Another consequence of the startup scenario is that funds have been limited to providing basic infrastructure for this instrument only.


  • Conceptual Design Report: Scientific Instrument SQS

  • Technical Design Report: Scientific Instrument SQS