The operation schedule shows planned beam time for the coming months and the facility status diagram shows current X-ray delivery.

The European XFEL is driven by a superconducting linear accelerator, with three long undulators and many optical and diagnostic devices providing the X-ray laser pulses with the needed properties for research in Schenefeld. Here you can get the latest up-to-date information on the operation of the facility from start to end.

The above picture shows the facility status. When the facility is operating, the area from the electron source (left) to the experiments (right) is visible. Light blue areas currently contain electrons. Yellow areas show where the X-ray laser beam is. During scheduled maintenance shutdowns, which occur periodically, the image will be static.


TIN The electron injector.

TL The tunnel containing the linear accelerator. The three values shown in this section are (from top to bottom) the electron bunch energy in megaelectronvolts (MeV), the electron bunch charge in nanocoulombs (nC), and the number of bunches per second.

T# One of the photon tunnels in the facility, where the X-ray laser beam is either generated or heading towards the experiment hall. T1, T2, and T4 contain the facility's undulators (SASE2, SASE1, and SASE3, respectively). Two numerical values are displayed: on the left hand side of the tunnel, the X-ray photon energy in electronvolts (eV) and, on the right hand side, the laser pulse energy in microjoules (µJ).

Operation Schedule 2022

Operation Schedule 2021