To find out about beamtime and how to prepare for your experiment, please refer to the information in this section.

The European XFEL is a research facility open to scientists worldwide. Beamtime is free of charge, but experiment proposals must go through a peer-review process. Proposals must be submitted through the User Portal to the European XFEL (UPEX) in the frame of specific calls for proposals. As an important condition for access, after the experiments, the authors must strive to publish the results in peer-reviewed journals. More information about our user publication policy can be found here.

The rules concerning the storage and access to the data collected during the experiments follow a specific policy that is comparable to best practices at other European large-scale user facilities. More details can be found here. If you do not find the information you are looking for in these pages, please contact us at

Guest House

Conveniently located on the campus, Guest House at European XFEL offers comfortable accommodation and amenities such as a lounge, laundry room or kitchenette – a dream for any beam team.