User-supplied instrumentation/equipment

General rules for user-supplied instrumentation/equipment for peer-reviewed projects


In Early User Operation, the use of user-supplied instrumentation or equipment in the experiments is not encouraged for feasibility and integration reasons. If scientists are planning to include in their proposal instrumentation or equipment supplied by their or another organization, the relevant scientific instrument team should be contacted well before proposal submission in order to verify feasibility.

User-supplied equipment, instrumentation, and tooling can be used only on experiments after testing and agreement by European XFEL.


  1. If the Principal Investigators, Proposers, and/or Participants in an experiment plan to bring their own equipment to use at European XFEL, either on the instrument or in the user laboratories for sample preparation, this must be discussed with the relevant scientists of the instrument or laboratory well before proposal submission. If needed, the scientists will then address the relevant experts from the EuXFEL support teams. The equipment shall be described in the proposal and will be subject to acceptance by EuXFEL in the framework of the feasibility checks about the projects.
  2. Equipment will need to be checked by the Safety and Radiation Protection (SRP) group, and the Principal Investigators, Proposers, and/or Participants may be requested to provide a risk analysis of the equipment depending of the outcome of the proposal evaluation. All material, including samples and equipment brought to the EuXFEL, remains entirely the responsibility of the Principal Investigators, Proposers, and Participants. Depending on the proposal evaluation, further tests or modifications to the equipment could be required to adapt it for use at the EuXFEL well before the experiment, generally at the costs of the user group.