Henrik Spohler


Photo: Henrik Spohler

Prof. Henrik Spohler (HTW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin) has been working as an artistic photographer for more than 15 years on exhibition and book projects on current and future social issues. With the "Hypothesis" project, he concentrates on basic scientific research that often eludes our imagination. The constant search for ever new knowledge is the basis for our progress towards tomorrow. Since the enlightenment, the insights gained by the natural sciences have created the foundations for industrialization and modern society. Today, basic research functions like a perpetuum mobile providing ever new knowledge that can then be implemented in applied research producing concrete innovations. At the end of this chain are technologies that can fundamentally change societies, such as the internet. The photography project Hypothesis evokes the way the scientific world explains material and immaterial phenomena and investigates the relationship between our existence and space, time and matter.
The series comprises around 50 photos and was exhibited at the Lodz Photo Festival 2019.

The book "Hypothesis" will be published on 31 March 2020 and can be purchased here.