Instrument Design

The SCS instrument is a branch beam line and located at the undulator source SASE3 which produces intense X-ray pulses at soft X-ray energies (250 eV - 3000 eV). The SCS beamline can be operated in pink and monochromatic beam mode. The mirror benders of the Kirkpatrick-Baez refocusing optics will deliver the beam to two interaction points separated by 2 meters. This allows not only a small beam focus of 1-2 micrometers for high peak intensities in coherent diffraction imaging experiments but also a variable beam diameter of up to 500 microns. The larger beam diameter optimizes for time-resolved spectroscopy studies by making the best use of the high-average photon flux while avoiding sample damage without further beam attenuation.


The SCS instrumentation encompasses the FFT experiment station (forward-scattering and transmission geometries) and the XRD experiment station (back- scattering and reflection geometries). The SCS instrument is equipped with 2D array detectors, the 1MPix DSSC detector (4.5 MHz rep rate) and the 2Mpix FastCCD detector (10Hz), for coherent x-ray diffraction experiments. A high-resolution Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) spectrometer, contributed by the Heisenberg-RIXS user consortium, complements the spectroscopy tools at this instrument for which a chemistry chamber station for liquid jets will be available in addition to the XRD experiment station.