23 - 30 December 2014
Winter break

16 December 2014
Mikhail Yurkov/Evgeny Schneidmiller: Undulator tapering

09 December 2014
No meeting

02 December 2014
P.-M. Lang: Performance of the LPD detector: First results from a Beamtime at Diamond Light Source

25 November 2014
No meeting

18 November 2014
Gianluca Geloni: Technical aspects of hard X-ray self-seeding implementation

11 November 2014
Martin Dommach: Report and highlights from the MEDSI conference

04 November 2014
Viktor Lyamayev: Placing anything into the X-ray FEL beam - Damage issues in instrument components

28 October 2014
Andreas Koch: X-ray imager overview and status

21 October 2014
James Moore: Status of pulsed magnet sample environments

14 October 2014
Matthias Wilmanns: Introduction to the Center for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB)

07 October 2014
Anders Madsen: Report and highlights from the Coherence 2014 conference

30 September 2014
Jan Grünert: Report and highlights from SNI conference

23 September 2014
Thomas Roth: X-Ray Computed Laminography on Be-CRLs

16 September 2014
Chunhong Yoon: CrystFEL: Serial crystallography data analysis in Karabo

09 September 2014
Frédéric Le Pimpec: Report and Highlights FEL 2014 conference

02 September 2014
Patrik Vagovic: Integration of CRL lenses in the SPB/SFX instrument

26 August 2014
Wojciech Gawelda: Report from time-resolved spectroscopy experiment at SACLA

19 August 2014
Gianluca Geloni: High-intensity, short pulses at the European XFEL

22 July - 12 August 2014
Summer break

15 July 2014
Karen Appel: In situ diffraction of laser shocked minerals at the LCLS

08 July 2014
Serge Prat: RF power couplers for the sc-Linac: facts and production issues

01 July 2014
No meeting

24 June 2014
Steffen Hauf: Conservative performance estimate for the FastCCD

17 June 2014
Chris Youngman: DAQ system review: status, track to operation, and future developments

10 June 2014
Mattia Donato: The DSSC ladder camera: status and plans

03 June 2014
Natalia Gerasimova: X-ray beam loss monitors for the beam transport system

27 May 2014
No meeting

20 May 2014
No meeting

13 May 2014
Harald Sinn: X-ray beam conditions for safety beam stops

06 May 2014
No meeting

29 April 2014
Robert Carley: Soft x-ray scattering from FeRh at LCLS

22 April 2014
Andreas Koch: X-ray diagnostic imaging stations

15 April 2014
Carsten Deiter: Status of fast sample changer and load lock system

08 April 2014
No meeting

01 April 2014
Yuhui Li: Shimming techniques to bring the XFEL phase shifters to specs

25 March 2014
Liubov Samoylova: Diamond for hard x-ray seeding
Timm Florian Kraft: Cleaning of UHV components

18 March 2014
Ilya Agapov: Post-saturation tapering studies for the baseline SASE Undulators of the European XFEL

11 March 2014
Sadia Bari: Status of liquid jet project

04 March 2014
Jia Liu: Report from THz streaking experiment at SACLA

25 February 2014
Xiaohao Dong: Status of the hard X-ray monochromators

18 February 2014
Charlotte Uetrecht: Overview WP-79 user labs and user support

11 February 2014
Jan Grünert: Report from LCLS beamtime on spectral monitoring

04 February 2014
Jens Buck: Time-of-flight photoemission spectroscopy for polarimetry of single FEL pulses

28 January 2014
No meeting

21 January 2014
Steffen Hauf: Software implementation of detector calibration

14 January 2014
Jolanta Sztuk-Dambietz: Detector Calibration Concept and Calibration Infrastructure

07 January 2014
Nicole Kohlstrunk: Test installation of X-ray transport in XTD2

24 - 31 December 2013
Winter break