25 December 2012 - 08 January 2013
Winter break

18 December 2012
E. Syresin, Dubna: MCP detectors as part of IKC to WP-74

11 December 2012
Uwe Englisch: Preparation of the magnet laboratory for undulator serial production

04 December 2012
Markus Kuster: Summary from the Detector Advisory Committee meeting

27 November 2012
Yuhui Li: Magnetic measurements of the pre-series undulator prototypes

20 November 2012
Daniele La Civita: SASE3 soft x-ray monochromator

13 November 2012
Georg Deron: Production management of the 91 undulator segments

06 November 2012
Michael Neumann: A survey of industrial suppliers
Joachim Schulz and Sigrid Kozielski: Radiation safety regulations at European XFEL

30 October 2012
Andrew Aquila and Cigdem Özkan: Report from damage experiment at SACLA

23 October 2012
Evgeny Schneidmiller: Harmonic lasing in X-ray FELs

16 October 2012
No meeting

09 October 2012
No meeting

02 October 2012
Charlotte Uetrecht: Bio-sample delivery using an ion trap

25 September 2012
Monica Turcato: 1D detector specifications and requirements

18 September 2012
Yuhui Li and Gianluca Geloni: Report from international FEL conference

11 September 2012
No meeting

04 September 2012
No meeting

28 August 2012
Andreas Scherz: Revealing spin excitations and dynamics on the nanoscale using X-ray Lasers

21 August 2012
Joachim Schulz: Fast sample change by rotating wheels

14 August 2012
Patrick Gessler: Update on DAQ hardware developments
Thomas Tschentscher: Highlights 11th SRI Conference and ECM27 Meeting

07 August 2012
Jens Buck: Photon beam diagnostics using TOF photoemission spectroscopy: Status and optimization

03 - 31 July 2012
Summer break

26 June 2012
Gianluca Geloni: Study for a dedicated bio-imaging beamline at European XFEL

19 June 2012
Thomas Tschentscher: Plans for the commissioning sequence of the European XFEL instruments

12 June 2012
Janos Hajdu, Uni Uppsala: Biology community expectations to single bioparticle imaging

05 June 2012
No meeting

29 May 2012
Chun Hong Yoon: Status implementing CrystFEL suite in European XFEL Framework

22 May 2012
Martin Dommach: Cable and connector standards
Anders Madsen: Experience from LCLS experiments and relevance for MID instrument and its science

15 May 2012
No meeting

08 May 2012
Max Lederer: Pump-Probe Laser Plans for XHEXP1

01 May 2012
No meeting

24 April 2012
Idoia Freijo Martin: Summary vibration measurements in XTD tunnels

17 April 2012
No meeting

10 April 2012
Manuel Izquierdo: Dynamic experiments on LaCoO3

03 April 2012
Kurt Kummer, ESRF: Time- and angle-resolved photoemission on a complex rare-earth intermetallic compound
Patrick Gessler: Standard Digitizer Developments for the European XFEL

27 March 2012
Oleg Krupin: SXR Instrument @ LCLS: The 2nd year of operation

20 March 2012
Monica Turcato: Status and results of radiation damage studies

13 March 2012
Adrian Mancuso et al.: Brief report from Ringberg meeting on FEL science

06 March 2012
Tobias Haas: Planning status of XHQ and XHEXP

28 February 2012
Cruz Mendez, CLPU: Simulation of fiber chirped pulse amplifiers and non-collinear optical parametric amplifiers

21 February 2012
Tommaso Mazza: Two-color experiments at FLASH applying high optical fields

14 February 2012
Igor Kozhevnikov: Roughness effects for x-ray absorption by mirrors

07 February 2012
Nicole Kohlstrunk: Status tunnel integration of beam transport system

31 January 2012
Martin Dommach: Building the x-ray beam transport vacuum system

24 January 2012
No meeting

17 January 2012
Alexey Sorokin: XGMD for European XFEL: Radiometric comparison at SACLA

10 January 2012
Suren Karabekyan: Undulator control system conceptual design