Experiment Report

General rules

Submission of the experiment report for standard experiments is required between 3 to 6 months after end of last shift of the experiment at the latest.

However, in the event of new proposals or continuation proposals by same scientists (as Main Proposers and/or Principal Investigators):

  • you must submit experiment reports via the User Portal to the European XFEL about all previous measurement(s) by the deadline for experiment reports indicated in the relevant call for proposals, including
    • those carried out close to the proposal submission deadline,
    • experiments whose scientific area or instrument is different from those relevant to your new proposal,
  • you must supply a reference to this report in your new proposal(s), by indicating the corresponding experiment ID.

If one experiment has been allocated beam on several occasions, then you can submit a single full report that covers the totality of the beamtime allocated for this experiment. However, intermediate reports are required in case of submission of new proposals or continuations of previous beamtimes by the same scientists.

Experiment reports are to be directly uploaded to the User Portal UPEX. Later updates must be emailed to useroffice@xfel.eu.


Instructions for uploading your experiment report to UPEX

As soon as the last shift of a beamtime has been completed, a link to the experiment report template will appear on the user dashboard of the Main Proposer in UPEX, in the “Feedback” section:


Format instructions for the report:

  • Maximum total length: Two A4 pages
  • Body text not smaller than 10 points (recommended font types: Arial and Helvetica, as well as Symbol for special characters)
  • Single spacing
  • Figures can be included in the PDF, although the maximum length must be kept
  • Max. total file size: 5 MB
  • Proposers bear responsibility for the readability of the document (text and figures).