21 December 2010 - 11 January 2011
Winter break

14 December 2010
Liuba Samoylova: fs effects in monochromator crystals

07 December 2010
Oleg Krupin: The soft x-ray materials research (SXR) instrument at the LCLS and the first time-resolved pump-probe soft X-ray diffraction experiments

30 November 2010
Tobias Haas: Technical coordination, status and plans

23 November 2010
Adrian Mancuso: Report LCLS Frontiers in Biology with X-FELs Meeting

16 November 2010
Jérôme Gaudin: Report from FEL related Workshops in France

09 November 2010
Jan Grünert: Experience from first hard X-ray FEL experiments

Inna Bukreeva: Parabolic wave approximation for x-ray optics simulation

02 November 2010
Thomas Tschentscher: Report from FEL 3-site meeting

26 October 2010
No meeting.

19 October 2010
Nikolay Kabachnik: Evolution of electron spectra in laser-assisted photo and Auger emission from streaking to sidebands

12 October 2010
Markus Kuster: Experience with CAMP for imaging expts at LCLS

05 October 2010
Kai Tiedtke: Measurements with X-GMD at LCLS

28 September 2010
Georg Deron: Air coil correctors for undulator intersections

21 September 2010
No meeting.

14 September 2010
Michael Meyer: Report LCLS side-band experiment

07 September 2010
Jan Grünert: Update WP-74 Photon Diagnostics

31 August 2010
Germano Galasso: Design of a slit system for the European XFEL

24 August 2010
Jérôme Gaudin: Experiments at ESRF: tr-diffraction and damage tests

17 August 2010
Fan Yang: Brief report from the MEDSI conference

20 July - 10 August 2010
Summer break

13 July 2010
Andreas Galler: FXE News: Experiments at SLS & IUCS conference

06 July 2010
Alex Volinsky, USF: U South Florida student projects at European XFEL

29 June 2010
Carola Schulz: Undulator air conditioning concept

22 June 2010
No meeting.

15 June 2010
Heinz-Dieter Nuhn, SLAC: Experience with Commissioning of the LCLS Undulator System

08 June 2010
Lars Hagge: What does EDMS do to the European XFEL project?
Thomas Tschentscher: Composite Milestones

01 June 2010
Harald Sinn: Recent results WP-73 X-ray optics and beam transport

25 May 2010
Mikhail Yurkov: FEL radiation parameters for proposed 14 GeV working point

18 May 2010
Liubov Samoylova: Latest results on diamond single crystals for XFEL monochromators

11 May 2010
No meeting.

04 May 2010
Daniel Nilsson, KTH: Zone plates: A heat load simulation

27 April 2010
No talk.

20 April 2010
Chris Youngman: Status of single crate DAQ system

13 April 2010
Shafagh Dastjani Farahani: First results of damage experiment done at LCLS

06 April 2010
Natalia Gerasimova: The Raman scattering beamline at FLASH

30 March 2010
Christian Bressler: Report from the Banff meeting for Ultrafast Dynamics

23 March 2010
Paul Radcliffe: First results LCLS sideband experiment

16 March 2010
Andreas Galler: Report from the Photon Diagnostics workshop, Ryn
Wojciech Gawelda: POLFEL Seminar, Ryn

09 March 2010
Heinz Graafsma/Josef Feldhaus: Report from the EuroFEL meeting

02 March 2010
Jan Grünert: Report from the CARAT workshop on Advanced Diamond Detectors

16 and 23 February 2010
No meeting.

09 February 2010
Joachim Pflüger: Chinese SASE2 Pre-Series Undulator Prototype

02 February 2010
Gianluca Geloni: Simulations of spontaneous radiation

26 January 2010
No meeting

19 January 2010
Germano Galasso: Status of Cryo-cooler

12 January 2010
No meeting

05 January 2010
Christian Bressler: Scope and Status of WP-81 "FDE instrument"