Material Science

The physics user labs are located at the south-east corridor of the XHQ building. They provide possibilities to assemble and characterise samples as well as inspecting sample carriers and targets after the experiment.

Dry sample preparation


The Dry Sample Preparation laboratory provides bench space for safe and dry sample handling.

Cleaning with small amounts of standard solvents (e.g. isopropanol) is possible.

The room is equipped with a versatile light microscope for material science. Breadboards and optics for optical inspection setups are available, cameras and light sources can be provided on request.

Demineralized water, as well as an ultrasonic bath, are available.

Keyence VHX-6000

Material science digital microscope with a range of objectives and illumination allowing observation using reflected light, polarized light or DIC.


"Atto" plasma laboratory unit

Quartz chamber ∅211 mm, L 300 mm
Generator 13.56 MHz/200 W fixed matching
Gas supply 2 gas channels via needle valves
Possible working gases N2, Ar, He, O2, ambient air, H2O (vapours), CO2,
other gases if available.
Forbidden gases Other corrosive/aggressive gases (HCl, NH3, etc.) are not allowed.
Accessories Faraday cage

SEM (BIO-S1) lab

Environmental SEM Quanta FEG 650

Quanta FEG 650

Nano-scale imaging on a wide variety of samples
• Stage 150mm x 150mm
• Samples < 500g
• Hi-vac, low-vac, ESEM-mode
• 100% humidity possible for wet samples
• SE / BSE detectors
• EDS detector
• STEM detector


NanoFocus µsurf Custom 200

XY table with 200 mm x 200 mm travel range and a maximum sample height of 100 mm. Confocal microscope with Nipkow disc and a frame rate of 30 Hz and 4MP B/W camera. Objectives:

Magnif FOV W.D. XY res. Z Res.
10x 1600 µm 11.0 mm 1.6 µm 20 nm
20x 800 µm 12.0 mm 0.8 µm 6 nm
50x 320 µm 10.6 mm 0.6 µm 4 nm
50x 320 µm 350 µm 0.4 µm 2 nm
100x 160 µm 3.4 mm 0,4 µm 2 nm

Powerful analysis software from digital surf (Mountains Map).


Leica EM ACE600 Coater

Pre-coat samples with a conducting layer suitable for SEM imaging

• Sputtering – Au, Ir, Cr, Bi
• Carbon thread evaporation
• Glow discharge


Nanofabrication lab

FIB/SEM Helios G4 UC

Dual beam microscope for surface characterization and nanofabrication

•Tomahawk  ion-beam column
•Elstar SEM column
•In-lens SE / BSE detectors
•Stage: 150mm x 150mm
•STEM detector
•ICE detector
•EDS detector
•Charge neutralizer
•Fast e-beam blanker
•Auto-TEM lamellar preparation
•Nano-patterning software
•Area-mapping software

NanoScribe 3D printer

For collaborations, the Nanoscribe PPGT2 3D printer is available for microfabrications within volumes of up to 25 × 25 × 8 mm3 with a resolution of ca. 200 nm.