Samples processing

The laboratories are specialized for preparation of biological samples, chemistry or material science.  We combine a wide range of equipment on one side with the expertise about samples and characterization on the other in order to help you getting your sample into the beam at the European XFEL.

Usability of the sample for the specific Instrument should be discussed with Instrument scientists and/or Local contact.

For any sample and any manipulation, a risk assessment and operating procedure have to be documented. Based on the sample type, the work can be assigned to be performed in a dedicated biology or chemistry laboratories.


Liquid and aerosol samples

User laboratories are equipped with vacuum test chambers for liquid and aerosol injection. This includes HPLC pump- and pressurized gas- driven sample delivery systems (up to 1000 PSI) corresponding to the ones used at the beamlines. Nozzle, sample, and injector performance can be monitored with fast imaging devices and pulsed lasers. Further equipment is provided for nozzle manufacturing. This includes a grinder, a tempering station, and a stereomicroscope. Please contact us if you need assistance with sample injection and testing.

Two chemistry labs are set up with fume hoods and local fume extractors for wet lab work. Bench and storage space is available during your experiment time. Basic lab equipment and solvents and chemicals are provided. For information on biological samples please check the biolab pages. Reservation and access to the labs will be granted via the beamtime application system. Please contact us if you have further questions about the equipment and available chemicals.

Solid state samples


For the preparation of solid samples, we provide dedicated workplaces in the user labs. The following tools are available for the treatment of the samples:

  • fume hood for solvent-based cleaning with or without ultrasonic bath
  • stereomicroscope for the precise assembly of small components
  • flow box for the clean assembly of vacuum components


For the characterisation, we provide the following tools:

  • environmental SEM
  • material science microscope
  • confocal microscope NanoFocus

Sample delivery

For the delivery of solid samples we offer, in cooperation with the instrument groups, the following setups:

  • different fast solid sample scanners with load lock and transfer system
  • low-field electromagnet for static or slowly changing fields in combination with the fast solid sample scanner
  • high pulsed magnetic field setup with cryogenically cooled sample holder

Please contact the instrument scientists for information about the usage of one of these devices at a certain instrument. For detailed information about one of the devices, please contact the specialist in the Sample Environment and Characterisation group.

Miniature coil for pulsed high magnetic field
15 T with 1ms pulse duration
One magnet pulse every 10 s
θ-2θ geometry with 2θ<90 deg

Sample mounting
Sample diameter < 6mm
5 – 300 K helium flow cryostat
Chi angle +/-1.5 deg
Theta angle 0 – 270 deg
4-wires for in situ electrical resistivity