16 December 2008
Harald Sinn: Creating a common documentation using the EDMS system

09 December 2008
Guillaume Potdevin: Simulation of the detector response and Science simulation

02 December 2008
Thomas Tschentscher: Report from the Workshop for the SPB Instrument at the European XFEL

25 November 2008
Santiago Sanz: Status of the Intersection Components at CIEMAT

18 November 2008
Thomas Tschentscher: Update X-ray Systems LCLS

11 November 2008
Jérôme Gaudin: Report on LCLS user meeting

04 November 2008
Serguei Molodtsov: International Workshop on Science and Instrumentation for Small Quantum Systems (SQS) at the European XFEL

28 October 2008
No Meeting.

21 October 2008
Harald Sinn: Report on ACTOP08 Conference

07 October 2008
Harald Sinn and Walter Graeff: Improved tunnel geometries XDT 1-10

30 September 2008
Fan Yang: FE Simulation of Heat Load in FEL Optics: First Results

16 September 2008
Carola Schulz: Finding a cost efficient solution for undulator temperature stabilisation

09 September 2008
Franz Tavella: Non-collinear few-cycle pulse optical parametric amplifier at DESY (and applications)

02 September 2008
Jérôme Gaudin: Summary of damage measurements at FLASH

26 August 2008
Antje Trapp: A new SASE 1 beamline layout

19 August 2008
Gianluca Geloni: Proposal for stabilisation of FEL power with respect to RF

22 July - 12 August 2008
Summer break

15 July 2008
Liuba Samoylova: XFEL wavefront propagation simulations using SRW: first results

08 July 2008
Thomas Tschentscher: European XFEL Photon Beam Systems: Project Update

01 July 2008
No meeting.

24 June 2008
Pavle Juranic: Plans and Problems for the Online Photo-Electron Spectrometer at Flash

17 June 2008
Petr Ilinski: X-ray BPMs for PETRA III

10 June 2008
Horst Schulte-Schrepping: Update on PETRA III beam transport and X-ray optics components

03 June 2008
Karsten Hansen: The DEPFET Detector Proposal

27 May 2008
Harald Sinn: Report on Diamond Conference DMSL2008 and Update on XFEL Monochromators

20 May 2008
Ivan Vartaniants: Imaging experiments at FLASH: First results

06 May 2008
Albrecht Leuschner: Bremsstrahlung calculations for XFEL beamlines

22 April 2008
Andreas Schwarz: Status In-Kind Contributions Photon Beam Systems

15 April 2008
No meeting.

08 April 2008
Riko Wichmann: MS Project XFEL: Links between different WP plans

01 April 2008
Joachim Pflüger: Undulator system design changes

25 March 2008
Huihua Lu: Status report of the phase shifters in the undulators

18 March 2008
Christopher Youngman: Report from the DAQ workshop

11 March 2008
No meeting because of DAQ workshop

04 March 2008
Kai Tiedke: Update on damage measurements on optical surfaces and multilayers

26 February 2008
Sasa Bajt: Multilayer Structures in Bragg and Laue Geometry

19 February 2008
Harald Sinn: An update on X-ray optics for the SASE photon beamlines

12 February 2008
Gianluca Geloni: Femtosecond timing using a optical replica synthesizer (ORS)

29 January 2008
Thomas Tschentscher: European XFEL Photon Beam Systems: Project Update
Christopher Youngman: WP 76 DAQ and control news

15 January 2008
Robert Klanner: Status Report: Radiation Damage of Si for X-FEL Detector

08 January 2008
Thomas Tschentscher: Overview European XFEL components Photon Beam System (new work package structure)