15 December 2020
Silvia Bertini: News from the User Office – almost an annual report


08 December 2020
No Meeting


01 December 2020
No Meeting


24 November 2020
Monica Turcato: Update on detector operation after the recent run


17 November 2020
Andreas Koch: Beam stability measurements with imagers within the Stability Task Force


10 November 2020
Bruno Fernandes: Digitizer Integration Effort


03 November 2020
Gerd Wellenreuther: 1+ year of PMO at XFEL


27 October 2020
Darren Spruce: Remote XFEL CTRLS Management & Reflections from a Newcomer


20 October 2020
Kelin Tasca: Status of DCCM (Diamond Channel Cut Monochromator) R&D Project


13 October 2020
Harald Sinn: Beam-stability task force


06 October 2020
Kristina Lorenzen: SARS-CoV-2 research in the XBI during EuXFEL shutdown


29 September 2020
Steffen Hauf, Janusz Szuba, Alessandro Silenzi: Karabo data logger using Influx DB


22 September 2020
James Moore: Introducing the FIB and SEM labs for XFEL scientists and users


15 September 2020
Kai Schlage / Mehdi Ramin Moayed (DESY): Large scale sputter deposition service at DESY - magnetic multilayers, targets, x-ray optics


08 September 2020
Angelo Dragone (SLAC): Latest detector development activities at SLAC


01 September 2020
Luis Lopez: Route to evaluating cooling solutions for the AGIPD 4Mpx


14 July 2020 - 25 August 2020


07 July 2020
Patrick Gessler: What can EEE do for you?


30 June 2020
Suren Karabekyan: SASE3 Variable polarization project status


23 June 2020
Hans Fangohr: Data Analysis Group


16 June 2020
Maximilian Lederer: Optical Lasers (LAS) at EuXFEL: Overview of past, present and future plans


09 June 2020
Florian Dietrich: Backbone of non-invasive beam diagnostics: The high purity gas-supply in the photon tunnels


02 June 2020
Patrik Grychtol: Status of the laser infrastructure at the SQS instrument


26 May 2020
Mohammad Vakili: 3D printed liquid sample delivery solutions at the European XFEL


19 May 2020
Gianluca Geloni: FEL Physics: a new group at EuXFEL


12 May 2020
Michael Diez: First Interferometric Timing Tool Results at FXE


05 May 2020
Andreas Koch: Watchdogs for the imagers: installation and mode of operation


28 April 2020
No meeting


21 April 2020
Tommaso Mazza: Commissioning of the SQS KB X-ray focusing system


14 April 2020
Mikhail Krasilnikov (PITZ, DESY): THz R&D at PITZ: Preparations for proof-of-principle experiment


07 April 2020
Dmitry Khakhulin: Experimental experiences and results of the LPD at FXE


31 March 2020
Daniele La Civita: The early steps of the XFEL Mechanical Engineering Group


24 March 2020
Svitozar Serkez: Frequency chirp of SASE radiation: origin and diagnostics


17 March 2020
No Meeting


10 March 2020
Roman Shayduk: FEM modeling of thermal and elastic response of solids to the excitation by high intensity high repetition rate XFEL pulses


03 March 2020
Gianluca Geloni & Marc Guetg: FEL R&D Group


25 February 2020
Steffen Hauf: Online Controls documentation - How to make experiment operation more efficient


18 February 2020
Alexey Zozulya: Recent Progress of MID Monochromators


11 February 2020
Silja Schmidtchen: MooNpics - Metrology on one-nanometre-precise optics - A project overview and midterm status


04 February 2020
Erik Brambrink: Status of the DiPOLE System


28 January 2020
No Meeting


21 January 2020
Frederik Wolff-Fabris: 2019 Review of Undulator Radiation Doses


14 January 2020
Dennis Goeries: Karabo - Follow-up of 10/12/19 meeting and Q&A


24 December 2019 - 07 January 2020
WINTER BREAK - Next meeting on 14 January 2020