User Consortium and External Funding

The design of the HED instrument is planned with the contribution of several key components through external partners.

HIBEF user consortium

The Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Fields (HIBEF) user consortium (UC) will contribute several major components. The contribution includes both 100 J laser (DiPOLE project from STFC) and a 100 TW laser system, the infrastructure for both lasers, a sample production facility, a setup for diamond anvil cell experiments, a high-field pulsed magnet setup and an AGIPD detector. The UC includes a large number of institutions in numerous countries. These contributions will be fully integrated into the European XFEL framework and will be available to all users of the HED instrument.

Other external contributions

Funded through the German Verbundforschung (grant applications: 05K10PM2 and 05K13PM1), the group of University of Münster is constructing a multilayer-based X-ray beam split and delay line (SDL). This device will enable X-ray pump–X-ray probe experiments.