Access to the laboratories is requested during the application for a beamtime. For further information on application and proposal, please see the call for proposal page and the UPEX pages

If lab access was requested, to ensure availability of equipment and consumables needed, four weeks before arrival a Work Description File needs to be filled out by the user group.

To aid the organization of the lab use, the following contact persons are named for each beamtime:

  • Local contact (EuXFEL Instrument group) – main contact for the user group.
  • Lab contact (EuXFEL User Labs staff) – coordinates the usage of the lab, helps with filling out Work Description File, performs check-in and check-out with the user group.
  • Sample contact (User group) – channels communication between user group and EuXFEL contact persons.


Using the laboratories will require general and specific safety training. Access and permission to use the equipment and perform experiments are based on user's experience and a Work Description File. Please be aware that additional introduction to the respective device and methods might be needed for independent use.

Chemistry and Physics User Labs Access

Biology User Labs (XBI) Access and Support

The following trainings are required in order to access and perform work in the XBI: 

Support by the XBI Staff is given Monday to Friday, from 9 am until 6 pm. Access and work in the User Laboratories is allowed also outside these hours and during the weekend.

During beamtime, an On-Call-Duty is organized for nights and weekends for urgent cases. The On-Call-Duty number for XBI Staff is known to the beamline scientists.

Availability of Equipment, Chemicals and Consumables

For information on the available laboratory equipment and specification, please see the complete list of equipment

It is advised that specialized equipment is booked via EuXFEL Booking System. The login is possible with EuXFEL/UPEX account.

For overview of chemicals kept in stock, please see the latest inventory list.