House Rules

We are committed to making your stay smooth and comfortable. We also hold ourselves to the highest standards when protecting your privacy and data, and place your security as our top priority. Please read our House Rules carefully to find out how you can contribute to general safety of yourself, your colleagues, fellow residents as well as the Guest House team.


Your stay during the pandemic / updated as of 05 September 2022

Guest House at European XFEL applies the following access rules until further notice. All residents are required to complete safety training prior to their arrival. Guest House cannot be used as a quarantine location.

Please note: the pandemic rules noted below supersede House Rules in order to ensure public safety. Masks that cover nose and mouth are recommended while in the public areas of the Guest House. If there are more than 10 people in the Foyer, FFP2 masks must be worn.

In order to be authorized to access the site, it is the resident´s responsibility to provide an official negative antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 before 11:00 (local time) on the day of arrival on site. The test must have been carried out within the previous 24 hours. In case the test certificate is not provided until then, access to the site can be denied. If provided later than 11:00 on the arrival day, access to the campus - including stay at Guest House at European XFEL, if applicable - may be only possible on the following working day.