Staff members (public view)

For data protection reasons, only those persons who have given their consent to the publication of the data are included in the public staff members list.

Name Photo Division (Function)
Abeghyan, Suren Undulator Systems (Software Developer)
Alves Lima, Frederico Scientific Instrument FXE (Instrument Scientist)
Ankkappalla, Noushadali Controls (Python/Qt Software Engineer)
Ansaldi, Gabriele Scientific Instrument MID (Engineer)
Ansari, Zunaira Safety and Radiation Protection (Radiation Protection Commissioner)
Antovski, Igor Detector Operations (Technician)
Aplin, Steve Science Support Data (Department Head SSD)
Aretz, Sarah Communication Group (Responsible for school laboratories )
Arnold, Mathias Controlling (Controller)
Baader, Johann Undulator (Undulator Scientist)
Bagha-Shanjani, Majid Undulator Systems (Technician)
Ballak, Kai-Erik Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Electronics Technician)
Baranašić, Bernard Electronic and Electrical Engineering (PLC Developer & Support Engineer)
Baranašić, Kristina User Office (User Office Administrative Assistant)
Baumann, Thomas Scientific Instrument SQS (Scientist)
Bazhenov, Vasilii Sample Environment and Characterization (Safety Engineer for Chemical & Laboratory Safety)
Bean, Richard Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Operations Leader SPB/SFX)
Berberich, Tim Theory (PhD Student in Theoretical and Computation Physics)
Bertini, Silvia User Office (Group Leader)
Biednov, Mykola Scientific Instrument FXE (Instrument Scientist)
Bielecki, Johan SPB/SFX Group (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Bin Taufik, Jawad CTRL (R & D Engineer - SoC & Control Software)
Boateng, Owusu-Debrah Management Board (Student Assistant)
Boll, Rebecca Scientific Instrument SQS (Research Scientist for X-Ray Spectroscopy)
Bonucci, Antonio In-Kind Contributions (In-Kind Contributions Supply Chain Manager & Industrial Liaison Officer)
Boyd, Eric Safety and Radiation Protection (Radiation Protection Officer)
Bregenholt Jakobsen, Diana Scientific Instrument FXE (Postdoctoral Scientist)
Bressler, Christian CUI/AIM Research Group (Group Leader, Academic Liaison Office)
Brodersen, Lisa Sophie Legal Group (Lawyer)
Broers, Carsten Scientific Instrument SCS (Mechatronic Technician)
Brouwer, Nils Theory (Theoretical Physicist)
Buakor, Khachiwan Scientific Instrument HED (Doctorate Candidate)
Casalbuoni, Sara Undulator Systems (Group Leader)
Cerantola, Valerio Scientific Instrument HED (Instrument Scientist)
Coppola, Nicola Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Beamline and Detector Software Developer)
Cross, Arwen Communication Group (Coordinator of the Visitor and Conference Centre)
Dall Antonia, Fabio Data Analysis (Software Engineer)
Danilevski, Cyril Detector Operations (Controls Engineer)
de Diego Martinez, Inaki XBI (Scientist)
De Fanis, Alberto Scientific Instrument SQS (Scientist)
de Wijn, Raphael Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Scientist for XFEL Crystallography (S-242))
Delitz, Jan Torben Scientific Instrument SCS (Team Leader Technical Operation)
Di Felice, Massimiliano Mechanical Engineering (Design Engineer)
Dietze, Thomas Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Instrument Technician)
Doblas-Jimenez, David Scientific Instrument SXP (Software Engineer - Data Scientist)
Dold, Simon Scientific Instrument SQS (Instrument Scientist)
Dommach, Martin Vacuum (Group Leader)
Dörner, Katerina Sample Environment and Characterization (Scientist for Structural Biology)
Duarte, Nuno Detector Operations (Postdoctoral scientist for detector calibration)
Dwivedi, Anand Scientific Instrument HED (PhD Student )
E, Juncheng Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Scientist for Photon Experiment Simulation)
Ehsan, Wajid Controls (Team leader Instrument Control Integration)
Eidam, Janni Vacuum (Vacuum Engineer)
Elleuche, Nicole Management Board (Managing Director, Administrative Director )
Emons, Moritz Optical Lasers (Opto-Mechanics/Laser Engineer)
Engelke, Jan Detector Operations (Team Leader Engineering)
Englisch, Uwe Undulator Systems (Scientist for magnetic labs)
Feidenhans’l , Robert Management Board (Managing Director, Chairman of the Management Board)
Fernandes, Bruno Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Team Leader Fast Electronics)
Ferreira de Lima, Danilo Enoque Data Analysis (Machine Learning Research Scientist)
Filippakopoulos, Kimon IT & Data Management (IT Infrastructure and Network Technician)
Firoozi, Hadi Data Analysis (Student Assistant as Software Developer)
Flammer, Meike Legal Group (Lawyer )
Freijo Martín, Idoia X-Ray Optics & Beam Transport (Applied Physicist)
Freund, Wolfgang X-Ray Photon Diagnostics (Design Engineer)
Friedrich, Bertram Scientific Instrument MID (Mechanical Integration Engineer)
Gautam, Randeer Pratap XPD (Student Assistant)
Gelisio, Luca Data Analysis (Group Leader Data Analysis)
Geloni, Gianluca Simulation of Photon Fields (Simulation of Photon Fields, Leading Scientist)
Gerasimova, Natalia Scientific Instrument SCS / X-Ray Optics & Beam Transport (Scientist) (Scientist)
Ghodrati, Nahid Scientific Instrument SCS (PhD Student)
Giovanetti, Gabriele Controls (Senior Software Engineer)
Graceffa, Rita Industrial Liaison Office (Scientific Officer)
Grattoni, Vanessa Undulator Systems (Undulator Scientist)
Grech, Christian SPB/SFX (Guest)
Guest, Trey Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Guest)
Habibi, Mahdi Scientific Instrument HED (Guest)
Hagitte, Martin C. Controlling (Controller)
Han, Huijong Sample Environment and Characterization (Scientist)
Harkov, Viktor Theory (Doctorate Candidate)
Hauf, Steffen Controls (Group Leader - Controls)
Heberling, Sven User Office (Team Leader Guest House)
Heins, Michael Customs and Export Control Office (Customs and Export Control Officer)
Huang, Xinchao Scientific Instrument FXE (PostDoc Scientist for development of High-Energy Laue)
Huynh, Sylvia Electronic and Electrical Engineering (PLC Developer & Support Engineer)
Itzen, Friederike Management Board (Management Board Assistant)
Jahnke, Till Scientific Instrument SQS (Scientist)
Kadek, Alan Sample Environment and Characterization (Guest)
Kantamneni, Sravya Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Postdoctoral Researcher for Serial Femtosecond Crystallo )
Kardoost, Amirhossein Sample Environment and Characterization (Software Developer)
Kersting, Lorenz Technical Services (Group Leader)
Khakhulin, Dmitry Scientific Instrument FXE (Acting Group Leader, FXE)
Kim, Chan Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Instrument Scientist)
Kloos, Marco Sample Environment and Characterization (Scientist)
Kluyver, Thomas Data Analysis (Programmer - Scientific Instrument Support Engineer)
Kniehl, Sandra Management Board (Foreign Language Assistant)
Koch, Andreas X-Ray Photon Diagnostics (Scientist)
Koliyadu, Jayanath Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Postdoctoral Researcher for pump-probe experiments)
Küpers, Hella Management Board (Secretary to the Management Board )
Kurta, Ruslan Theory (Theoretical Physicist)
Kuster, Markus Detector Development (Scientist for DSSC detector calibration)
La Civita, Daniele Mechanical Engineering (Group Leader)
Laksman, Joakim X-Ray Photon Diagnostics (Physicist for Gas-Based Diagnostics)
Laub, Malte Legal Group (Group Leader)
Le Guyader, Loïc Scientific Instrument SCS (Instrument Detector Scientist)
Lederer, Maximilian Optical Lasers (Group Leader, Leading Scientist)
Lichtenstein, Alexander Theoretical Physic (Theoretical Physicist)
Liu, Jia X-Ray Photon Diagnostics (Timing Diagnostics Scientist)
Lomidze, David Detector Operations (Detector Scientist)
López Morillo, Luis Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Team Leader Mechanical Engineering)
Löptien, Klaus Technical Services (Civil Engineer)
Madsen, Anders Scientific Instrument MID (Group Leader, Leading Scientist)
Mahmud, Altaf IT & Data Management (Software Developer for Scientific data management)
Maia, Luís IT & Data Management (Team Leader Information Services and Applications)
Mancuso, Adrian Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Group Leader, Leading Scientist)
Manetti, Maurizio IT & Data Management (Software Developer)
Marchetti, Barbara Undulator Systems (Undulator Scientist)
Mattioli, Nicoletta Management Board (Secretary to the Management Board and the DO Division)
Mazza, Tommaso Scientific Instrument SQS (Scientist in Gas Phase Soft X-Ray Physics)
Melegari, Emmanuelle Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineer for Design with Eplan P8)
Mercurio, Giuseppe Scientific Instrument SCS (Instrument Scientist)
Merzoni, Giacomo Scientific Instrument SCS (PhD Student)
Meyer, Olivier Detector Operations (Detector Support Scientist - Coordinator)
Meyer, Marko Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Electronic Development and Service Technician)
Meyer, Michael Scientific Instrument SQS (Group Leader, Leading Scientist)
Meza Gervacio, Iffni Management Board (Foreign Language Assistant / Reception)
Michelat, Thomas Data Analysis (Software Developer)
Milne, Christopher Scientific Instrument FXE (Leading Scientist and Group Leader, FXE)
Möller, Johannes Scientific Instrument MID (Instrument Scientist)
Molodtsov, Serguei Management Board (Scientific Director, Member of the Management Board)
Moore, James Sample Environment and Characterization (Instrumentation Scientist)
Mulá-Mathews, Gabriella Management Board (Reception Coordinator)
Münnich, Astrid Detector Operations (Detector Support Scientist)
Nakatsutsumi, Motoaki Scientific Instrument HED (Scientist)
Ohnesorge, Joshua Vacuum (Vacuum Engineer)
Otte, Florian Scientific Instrument FXE (PhD Student)
Outterside, Laura Library (Records Manager)
Oxley, Caroline Communication Group (Communication Specialist & Coordinator of the Visitor Center)
Pahl, Deike Grant Management (Grant manager)
Parchenko, Sergii Scientific Instrument SCS (Instrument Scientist for X-Ray spectroscopy)
Pascarelli, Sakura Management Board (Scientific Director, Member of the Management Board)
Paul Dutta, Sharmistha Scientific Instrument FXE (IMPRS PhD Student)
Piszczek, Tomasz IT & Data Management (IT Infrastructure Engineer)
Planas, Marc Mechanical Engineering (Design Engineer)
Plett, Sandra Safety and Radiation Protection (Safety Engineer for Biology & Biochemistry)
Poppe, Frank Communication Group (Deputy Group Leader and Deputy Press Officer)
Porro, Matteo Detector Operations (Detector Development Project Leader)
Preston, Thomas HED and DET (Instrument Detector Scientist - HED instrument)
Pudell, Jan-Etienne Scientific Instrument MID (Post-doctoral Scientist)
Quast , Stefan Procurement and Logistics (Specialist for Warehouse logistics )
Quondam, Giulia User Office (User Office Assistant)
Rafie-Zinedine, Safi Sample Environment and Characterization (Phd Candidate )
Ramilli, Marco Detector Operations (Detector Scientist)
Reifschläger, Jörn Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Team Leader Electrical Engineering)
Reimers, Nadja Scientific Instrument SPB/SFX (Instrument Engineer)
Rennhack, Nils Scientific Instrument SQS (Electronic Technician)
Reyes, Malcolm IT & Data Management (Web Software Developer supporting online workflow forms)
Rio, Benoit Vacuum (Vacuum Technician)
Rivas, Daniel Scientific Instrument SQS (Instrument Scientist)
Rodriguez-Fernandez, Angel Scientific Instrument MID (Instrument Scientist)
Rörig, Aljoscha Scientific Instrument SQS (Guest)
Rosca, Robert Data Analysis (Python Software Developer for X-ray Detector Calibration )
Samadli, Ayaz Controls (Control Software Engineer - Motion Control R&D)
Samoylova, Liubov X-Ray Optics & Beam Transport (Physicist)
Sander, Marieke Communication Group (PR Agent)
Sasikumar, Sharath Scientific Instrument SQS (PhD Student)
Sauermann, Wolf-Ulrich Human Resources (Group Leader)
Sayar, Sonay Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Electrical Technician)
Scherz, Andreas Scientific Instrument SCS (Group Leader, Leading Scientist)
Schmidt, Philipp Data Analysis (Software Developer - Data Scientist)
Schmidt, Christina Sample Environment and Characterization (Research Assistant)
Schmidt, Andreas Scientific Instrument HED/Scientific Instrument MID (Mechanical Instrument Engineer)
Schubert, Robin Sample Environment and Characterization (Support Scientist)
Schulz, Joachim Sample Environment and Characterization (Group Leader, Senior Scientist)
Senfftleben, Björn Scientific Instrument SQS (Scientist for Electron and Ion Spectroscopy)
Shie, Halimah User Office (Travel Officer)
Singh, Varun IT & Data Management (Quality Software Engineer)
Sinn, Harald X-Ray Optics & Beam Transport (Head of Department Science Support Instrumentation)
Stäps, Christoph Technical Services (Facility Management)
Stoica, Eduard IT & Data Management (IT System Administrator)
Sun, Yue Open Scientific Computing (Guest)
Sztuk-Dambietz, Jolanta Detector Operations (Detector Scientist)
Szuba, Janusz IT & Data Management (Team Leader Data Systems, IT Infrastructure, Storage)
Tasca, Kelin X-Ray Optics & Beam Transport (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Tavakkoly, Marziyeh Sadat X-Ray Optics & Beam Transport (PhD Student)
Tillmann, Guido Detector Operations (Mechanical Engineer)
Togawa, Moto Scientific Instrument SQS (Doctoral Candidate)
Toncian, Monika Optical Lasers (Guest)
Trautmann, Silke Human Resources (HR Officer)
Trebushinin, Andrei Simulation of Photon Fields (PhD Student for controlling FEL pulse characteristics)
Tschentscher, Thomas Management Board (Scientific Director, Member of the Management Board)
Turcato, Monica Detector Operations (Group Leader)
Turkot, Oleksii Data Analysis (Software Developer for Scientific Data Analysis Pipelines)
Usenko, Sergey Scientific Instrument SQS (Instrument Detector Scientist for SQS)
Vakili, Mohammad Sample Environment and Characterization (Scientist)
Valerio, Joana Sample Environment and Characterization (Postdoc Scientist)
van den Daele-Gribet, Sabrina User Office (Guest House Assistant)
Van Kuiken, Benjamin Scientific Instrument SCS (Instrument Scientist)
Vannoni, Maurizio X-Ray Optics & Beam Transport (Group Leader)
Vardanyan, Vahagn Scientific Instrument SXP (Mechanical Engineer)
Villanueva Guerrero, Raúl Vacuum (Senior Vacuum Engineer)
Violante, Adriano Project Management (Deputy Group Leader )
Wegner, Ulrike Optical Lasers (Laser Engineer / Physicist)
Wellenreuther, Gerd Project Management (Group Leader)
Wittmaack, Frederike Photon Systems Project Office / Technical Services (Office and Dokumentation Assistant)
Wolff-Fabris, Frederik Operations Leader PRC (Scientist)
Wollenweber, Lennart Scientific Instrument HED (PhD Student)
Wrigley, James Data Analysis (Data Scientist - Software Developer)
Wrona, Krzysztof IT & Data Management (Group Leader)
Yakopov, Mikhail Undulator Systems (Mechanical Engineer)
Yan, Jiawei FLP (Physicist for XFEL performance improvement)
Yang, Fan Mechanical Engineering (Senior Simulation Engineer)
Youssef, Mohamed Scientific Instrument MID (Postdoctoral Scientist)
Zalden, Peter Scientific Instrument FXE (Instrument Scientist)
Zastrau, Ulf Scientific Instrument HED (Group Leader, Leading Scientist)
Ziolkowski, Pawel Undulator Systems (Engineer)