Industrial Liaison

The Industrial Liaison Office serves as a bridge between the publicly funded research and development at European XFEL and private industry.

In the operation phase, the Industrial Liaison Office supports the Management Board of the European XFEL in the following main tasks:

  • Attract the engagement of industry in the Big Science market for the supply of cutting-edge components
  • Engage industry in using the full potential of the European XFEL, both in the experimental programme as well as with the ancillary systems laboratory systems
  • Coordinate the patenting process of invention both for licensing and for the support to new startup creation
  • Monitor engagement in technology transfer with companies and institutions within the shareholder countries

Room rentals

We can now offer our meeting rooms for hire, in order for you to present your company and products to our employees or to hold workshops.

Catering, coffee service, projection equipment, flip charts, and other services can also be booked to ensure you have everything you need.

The rooms are available to hire by the half-day or full-day, and space can be customized according to your needs.

To request a booking, send an email to, including the general content of the proposed event and some information about your innovative products and services. Your request will be dealt with in due course.

Please, add in the email your consent, if you would like to receive an email regarding technological developments, seminars, workshops, research services, and research findings, as well as offers for non-public industrial users of European XFEL GmbH and therefore, allow European XFEL GmbH to process your name and email address for this purpose. You can withdraw this consent at any time by emailing


There is no legal right to the use of the information booth/reserved parking space, neither as such nor on a particular day.


If more than one applicant is interested in renting the information booth/reserved parking space in a given period of time, the landlord in principle is entitled to rent the information booth/reserved parking space to the applicant whose application for the given period reached the landlord first. However, the landlord reserves the right to carry out a separate selection procedure if several applications have been received for a given period of time, as long as the landlord has not yet committed itself to grant the use to a particular applicant. The landlord may write to other applicants in order to obtain expressions of interest. In particular, this applies with regard to attractive periods of time known in advance, during which it is to be expected that several applicants will be interested in renting the information booth/reserved parking space. In such cases, the non-discriminatory selection criteria and the selection procedure will be disclosed to the applicants in advance.

Contact the Industrial Liaison Office:

Antonio Bonucci

Antonio Bonucci

Head of Industrial Liaison Office and In-kind Contributions , In-Kind Contributions (E2.123 / XHQ)

European XFEL GmbH
Holzkoppel 4
22869 Schenefeld