Scientific and Technical groups

Scientific groups at European XFEL operate and manage the facility's instruments, assist users with technical aspects of their research, work on research projects in their own right, and further develop the facility. Additionally, the groups do the technical and engineering work needed to maintain the facility, which is especially critical during user programmes when scientists visiting the campus need to make the best use of their time. The scientific groups at the European XFEL can be classified as working on Photon Beam Systems, Scientific Instruments and Equipment, or Detectors and Data Acquisition.

The Photon Beam Systems meetings, generally held every week, discuss facility developments in these areas.

Photon Beam Systems

  • Undulator Systems
  • Simulation of Photon Fields
  • Theory
  • X-Ray Optics
  • Vacuum
  • X-Ray Photon Diagnostics
  • Photon Systems Project Office

Scientific Instruments and Equipment

Detectors and Data Acquisition

  • Detector Development
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Control and Analysis Systems
  • IT and Data Managenment