18 December 2018 - 09 January 2019
WINTER BREAK - Next meeting on 15 January 2019


11 December 2018
Andreas Koch: Operation of Diagnostic Imagers in XFEL Photon Tunnels - Applications and Limits 


04 December 2018
Luis Lopez Morillo: The Downstream Interaction Region at SPB / SFX (II)


27 November 2018
Tomasz Jezynski: PP-Laser Control System


20 November 2018
Frederik Wolff-Fabris: The 2018 Lessons of Radiation Doses on Undulators


13 November 2018
Sergey Tomin & Svitozar Serkez: Ocelot Simulations for the Dechirper System at XFEL.eu. Possible Applications


06 November 2018
Adam Round: The Downstream Interaction Region at SPB / SFX (I)


30 October 2018
Joakim Laksman: Non-Invasive Photon Diagnostics with a Photo-Electron Spectrometer 


23 October 2018
Krzysztof Wrona: Acquisition and Management of Experiment Data


16 October 2018
Gianluca Geloni: On Brightness and Coherence of Diffraction-Limited Storage Rings


09 October 2018
Erik Brambrink: HED Lasers


25 September 2018
Peter Zalden: Intensity and Position (IPM) at FXE: Pulse Energy and Position at MHz Rates


18 September 2018
Yuhui Li: Preliminary Study of an 80 keV Hard X-ray FEL in SASE 4/5


11 September 2018
Moritz Emons: SASE 3/2 PP-Laser Installation Status and Plans 


04 September 2018
Jörg Hallmann: An Insider's Guide to the MID Instrument 


17 July - 28 August
Summer Break


10 July 2018
Mabel Ruiz-Lopez (DESY): Wavefront Propagation Simulations through the Focusing System at FLASH2"


03 July 2018
Sebastian Göde: Science at the HED Instrument: Goals, Samples, and X-ray Diagnostics


26 June 2018
Jolanta Sztuk-Dambietz: Commissioning and Operation Experiences with AGIPD


19 June 2018
Krzysztof Wrona, Jan Grünert, Adam Round, Mikako Makita: Summary of the SRI 2018 Conference


12 June 2018
Alessandro Silenzi: Status of Component Commissioning with Karabo


05 June 2018
Justine Schlappa: SCS XRD Setup for X-ray Scattering and X-ray Spectroscopy Studies on Strongly Correlated and Functional Materials


29 May 2018
Daniele La Civita: SASE3 Commissioning


22 May 2018
Manuel Izquierdo: Photoelectron Spectroscopy @ Sample Environment: Concept and User Applications


15 May 2018
Sergey Tomin: Experience with Automated Optimization of Machine Parameters with OCELOT


08 May 2018
Robin Schubert: Sample Characterization Methods for SFX Experiments
Jan Grünert: Lasing at all SASE beamlines of the European XFEL


01 May 2018
No Meeting


24 April 2018
Robert Carley: The SCS Intrument: Science, Instrumentation and Installation


17 April 2018
Bruno Fernandes, Hamed Sotoudi Namin: Overview of digitizers and hardware algorithms - What is available in XFEL and how to use it


10 April 2018
Thomas Baumann: Layout and Installation of the SQS Instrument 


03 April 2018
Tonn Rüter: Effects of Oblique Incidence in Pixel Detectors on Diffraction Experiments


27 March 2018
Andreas Koch: Diagnostics for First Lasing in SASE3 - Application of Imagers for beam commissioning and performance


20 March 2018
Mikhail Pergament: European XFEL pump-probe laser capabilities


13 March 2018

Jana Makroczyova: Possibilities for microscopy in the user labs
Antonio Bonucci: Big Science Business Forum


06 March 2018
Mark McCaughrean: Once explorers, always explorers


27 February 2018
Yuhui Li: Beam Based Alignment, a tool to find lasing


20 February 2018
Laurens Wissmann: Processes and results: From electrical design to instrument commission


13 February 2018

Jan Grünert: First lasing at SASE3
Frederik Wolff-Fabris: Status of Radiation Damage on the XFEL.EU Undulator Systems


06 February 2018
Theo Maltezopoulos: Pulse Energy and beam position measurements with X-ray gas monitor detectors at XFEL


30 January 2018
Dmitry Khakhulin: Experiences of Commissioning and Early User Experiments at FXE


22 January 2018
No Meeting


16 January 2018
Richard Bean: Experiences of Commissioning and Early User Experiments at SPB/SFX

09 January 2018
Carsten Fortmann-Grote: SIMEX v0.3