14 December 2021

Justine Schlappa: Commissioning of the UC Heisenberg RIXS Spectrometer at the SCS Instrument


07 December 2021



30 November 2021

Kristina Lorenzen: MS SPIDOC - Mass Spectrometry for Single Particle Imaging, Towards New Avenues in structural Biology


23 November 2021

DATA Department: DATA Hardware Integration and Control System Forum - Configuration Management & Recovery


16 November 2021

Svitozar Serkez: Pulse duration in SASE3: from high pulse energy to fs-order duration


09 November 2021

Patrick Gessler: Integration of new equipment into control environment


02 November 2021

Katerina Dörner: Segmented Flow Injection: Reducing Sample Consumption in Liquid Jet Experiments


26 October 2021

David Hammer, Philipp Schmidt: Next-generation detector calibration and processing software


19 October 2021



12 October 2021

Steffen Hauf: Controls and Control Software


05 October 2021

Wajid Ehsan, Valerii Bondar: User-Friendly Interface for Viewing and Storing DOOCS Control Parameters of the Accelerator in Karabo


28 September 2021

Luca Gelisio: Data Analysis at EuXFEL


21 September 2021

Huijong Han: User Support in XBI for Remote Beamtime


14 September 2021

Carsten Deiter, Amirhossein Kardoost: A Unified Sample Workflow for the European XFEL


07 September 2021

Massimiliano Di Felice: Mechanical Aspects of the XFEL Photon Shutters


13 July - 31 August 2021



06 July 2021

Immo Bahns: Thermal and mechanical stability of a diamond Bragg Reflector under pulsed XFEL Radiation


29 June 2021

Harald Sinn: An XFELO demonstrator at the European XFEL


22 June 2021

Alessandro Silenzi: Remote operation with Karabo


15 June 2021

Manuel Izqiuerdo: The SXP instrument: first implementation and beyond


08 June 2021

Ulrike Wegner: The new "Green Problem"  -  Coating degradation in high-intensity, green, burst mode, sub-ps laser beams


01 June 2021

Marc Planas: SASE3 Optical Delay Line mechanical conceptual design


25 May 2021

Jan Grünert: Calorimeter & LPM commissioning at SCS

Daniel Rivas: Sidebands, the FEL chirp and new ultrafast applications at SQS


18 May 2021

Frederico Lima: High resolution X-ray spectrometers at FXE


11 May 2021

Danilo Ferreira de Lima and Arman Davtyan: What is there to Learn about Machine Learning at EuXFEL


04 May 2021

Romain Letrun & Henry Kirkwood (SPB): The Photon Arrival Time Monitor at SPB/SFX: online data processing and recent results


27 April 2021

Antonio Bonucci: Industrial Liaison Office in European XFEL


20 April 2021

Tobias Haas: News from the Safety Group


13 April 2021

Luís Maia: Recent developments in metadata catalogue


06 April 2021

Ulf Zastrau: HED instrument - an overview: Current capabilities, first experimental results, and outlook


30 March 2021

Svitozar Serkez: Extended SASE source along an undulator: simulation by backpropagation and measurement via contribution-per-cell


23 March 2021

Roman Shayduk: First laser pump X-ray probe experiments at MID: setup and experimental data


16 March 2021

Joachim Schulz: HiJet - A sample environment development platform


09 March 2021

Juncheng E: Optimizing XFEL experiment methodology through start-to-end simulation


02 March 2021

Gianluca Geloni: Increasing the user access at the European XFEL: a discussion about crystal-based optics


23 February 2021

Natalia Gerasimova - Soft X-ray Monochromator at the SASE3 beamline: status and developments


16 February 2021

Uwe Englisch - Calibration of Hall probes

Mikhail Yakopov - Magnetic measurements of APPLEX undulators

09 February 2021
Steffen Hauf - Update on Data Operation Centre


02 February 2021
Loïc Le Guyader - Beam-splitting off-axis zone plate for shot-noise limited MHz absorption spectroscopy with the DSSC detector at SCS


26 January 2021
No Meeting


19 January 2021
Joakim Laksman - Progress with the Hard X-ray PES prototype


12 January 2021
Arvid Gebhardt - Report on Maintenance Planning – Winter 2020/21


22 December 2020 - 05 January 2021
WINTER BREAK - Next meeting on 12 January 2021