UPEX and Campus Accounts

UPEX lightweight account vs. Campus account

During the registration to UPEX (User Portal to the European XFEL), a lightweight account will be created for you. This account will not give access to any other service but UPEX.

If your proposal is awarded beamtime, you will need to access other resources, services, software, and infrastructure, such as safety training, the experiment data access and processing system, different support resources, and so on. For this purpose, a Campus account will be set up for you (if you do not have it already) for accessing DESY/ XFEL.EU Campus infrastructure and services. In due time, you will receive an email notification with your Campus account log-on initial password (to be changed within a few days) and further instructions.

Please note:

  • Campus accounts are provided and managed by the DESY registry. You will use DESY services to change the password, get password expiry notifications by the DESY registry, and so on.
  • Initial passwords must be changed during a short period (a few days) specified in the notification email you receive. Propagation of the new password to all the services may take up to one hour.
  • More details will be provided in the notification email. Please DO NOT ignore it.


After changing the initial password of the newly set up Campus account (and allowing for up to one hour for the implementation of the change for all services), you will be able to access the online safety training system, metadata catalogue, and other services with your Campus credentials. We strongly recommend using your Campus account to log on to UPEX. Nevertheless, you may still use your lightweight account credentials for UPEX only (for example, if you need to access UPEX urgently before a deadline but do not remember your Campus credentials).

Users with an existing DESY/XFEL.EU Campus account (DESY or XFEL.EU colleagues) are advised to use these credentials for accessing DESY/XFEL.EU Campus services as soon as a message about the association between the Campus account and the UPEX account has been sent to them. They do not need to take action about changing a temporary password.