27 December 2016 - 03 January 2017
Winter break

20 December 2016
Silvia Bertini: Getting ready for the first calls for experiment proposals

13 December 2016
Sergey Tomin: Update on the OCELOT Multiphysics simulation toolkit

06 December 2016
Svitozar Serkez: Attosecond pulse generation

29 November 2016
Tobias Freyermuth: Overview of PLC interlock implementation techniques

22 November 2016
No Meeting

15 November 2016
Ulrike Bösenberg and Patrik Vagovic: Highlights from the Hard X-ray FEL Collaboration meeting

08 November 2016
Markus Kuster: Overview of a new initiative for detectors: ATTRACT

01 November 2016
Gianluca Geloni: Status self-seeding project and implementation

25 October 2016
Rita Graceffa, Sebastian Schulz: Ultrafast imaging of liquid jets distortions

18 October 2016
Sandhya Venkatesan: Characterization of air conditioning in SASE 1 Laser hutch

11 October 2016
Bruno Fernandes: XFEL Fast ADC Board
Hamed Sotoudi Namin: Online Processing of Digitizer data at XFEL

04 October 2016
Atula Poduwal: Design and implementation of pressure control schemes for gas injection in vacuum systems using the XFEL Karabo Framework

27 September 2016
Graham Appleby: Progress and current activities of EUCALL project

20 September 2016
Harald Sinn: Updates for instrument beam stops

13 September 2016
A. Galler et al.: Report and Highlights from Science@FELs conference

06 September 2016
No meeting

30 August 2016
Antje Trapp: Serial production of X-ray beam transport mirror chambers

26 July - 23 August 2016
Summer break

19 July 2016
Martin Dommach: SASE1 beam transport installation update

12 July 2016
Xiaohao Dong: Status report hard X-ray Monochromator

05 July 2016
Anders Madsen: Brief report from XFELO workshop at SLAC
Thomas Tschentscher: First lasing PAL XFEL

28 June 2016
No meeting

21 June 2016
No meeting

14 June 2016
Evgeny Shneydmiller: Harmonic lasing: FLASH results - European XFEL prospects

07 June 2016
Patrik Vagovic: Single shot wavefront sensing using single phase gratings

31 May 2016
Daniele La Civita: Report on SASE3 soft x-ray monochromator status

24 May 2016
No meeting

17 May 2016
Monica Turcato: Status of the DSSC ladder test stand FENICE

10 May 2016
Richard Bean: Mirror chambers for SPB/SFX instrument

03 May 2016
Philipp Lang: Results of LPD end-to-end tests

26 April 2016
Natascha Raab: WP-75 X-ray test environments - Status and Performance

19 April 2016
Sergey Tomin: FEL optimization studies and Ocelot developments

12 April 2016
Ulrike Bösenberg: LCLS test of bent-diamond spectrometer
Thomas Roth: Diamond intensity monitors

05 April 2016
Krzysztof Wrona: Summary of data processing workshop: data handling and formats

29 March 2016
Carsten Fortmann-Grote: Platform for Simulation of Photon Science Experiments

22 March 2016
Steffen Hauf / John Wiggins: Summary of data processing workshop: on-line monitoring, calibration and data preparation

15 March 2016
Svitozar Serkez: Two-color FELs: Opportunities for SASE3

08 March 2016
Patrick Gessler: Synchronization of Events and Electronics

01 March 2016
Evgeny Shneydmiller: Reverse undulator tapering for XFEL polarization control

23 February 2016
Timo Korsch: The vacuum control system

16 February 2016
Thomas Tschentscher, Adrian Mancuso: Report from Ringberg meetings on Science with FELs
Harald Sinn: X-Ray Component List

09 February 2016
Tommaso Mazza: The VMI spectrometer for SQS: design and testing at P-III

02 February 2016
K. Giewekemeyer and M. Messerschmidt: Report from BioXFEL conference

26 January 2016
No meeting

19 January 2016
Suren Karabekyan: Automation in Commissioning Process of Undulators

12 January 2016
Jia Liu: Time Tool chamber designs

22 December 2015 - 05 January 2016
Winter break