On-site Life

A visual user's guide to the European XFEL campus

Personal European XFEL ID access card

To access European XFEL Experiment Hall and other restricted areas you need a personal European XFEL Id access card. Access cards are printed at the entrance gate (operative 24/7). The card has to be activated by passing it for 3 seconds on one of the terminals. The terminals (black or gray card devices mounted on columns or walls) are located in front of entrances to buildings and at the gate barriers. The terminal should blink green. The activation lasts for 24 hours, after that you need to activate the card again. The access card is yours: keep it and bring it back if you participate in future experiments.

If you already have a European XFEL Id access card or a DESY DACHS Card, relevant access rights will be granted on the existing card. Remember to bring it with you and to activate it on the terminal.



To access the Experiment Hall you need the access card together with a Transponder. These devices are distributed by User Office. We do collect signatures and you are responsible for the proper use and restitution of it. When UO is not  staffed (early-morning/late-night/weekend/holidays) you can collect your transponder at the entrance gate (operative 24/7). It will be available in an envelope in your name, so please ask for it.

Due to safety reasons, for large experiment team, we agree with the Main Proposer and local contact on specific procedure to collect the transponder. You will be informed in due time.
Transponders are property of European XFEL and they have to be returned directly to UO, or in one of the 2 dedicated mailboxes (near UO door, near main entrance gate).

Bicycles for Users

Users not from the Hamburg area may use European XFEL user bicycles for the duration of the beamtime, free of charge. The bicycles are subject to availability and are given out on a “first come first served” basis.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Pick up and return bicycle keys at the gate.
  • Pick up and return the bicycle under the staircase of the main building.
  • The bicycle has to be always locked when not in use - even on campus. Lock it so that it cannot be lifted and taken away (e.g. to a bicycle stand).
  • A “Bike repair station” is available close to the gray bicycle sheds if you need to pump the tire or adjust the seat.
  • The bicycles and bicycle stands are numbered please return the bicycle to the correct slot
  • Report to the gate:
    • If bicycle is broken (e.g. punctured tire, gears not working…), before or after use.
    • If key got lost or the bicycle got stolen.

Working places and lockers

There are dedicated working areas for users equipped with desks, cable connections and plugs.

In specific areas there are also computers available for users: you can use them, but do not change any settings or remove any peripheral device. If you have problems, contact us ( useroffice@xfel.eu) and do not try to fix the computer yourself.

A computer to take online safety training is also available for users, just ask us.

Lockers with keys are also available. Please, remember to empty the lockers and put the key in its original place before leaving.

Guest House at European XFEL

Conveniently located on the campus, Guest House at European XFEL offers comfortable accommodation and amenities. Please be aware that due to current pandemic situation, there are restrictions in place that may affect your trip. Guest House cannot be used as a quarantine location. All residents are required to provide a negative PCR test that is not older than 72 hours.

For further details like general information and house rules, please visit the Guest House pages.

Food Options and various Useful Information

The Europan XFEL has a company restaurant  "BeamStop". All information about opening hours and food offers you find here.

European XFEL merchandise

A merchandise collection comprising sweatshirts, T-shirts for adults and kids, coffee mugs, umbrellas,  lunchboxes, our very own campus-produced honey and other items is available for purchase at our campus restaurant BeamStop.