As a large research facility, the European XFEL provides a window into some of the most cutting-edge science in the world—and we are happy to share in the joy and wonder of discovery. Occasionally, special events that are open to the public will be announced on the facility homepage.               


We welcome student groups to visit the European XFEL. Most of the student groups that come to the facility are at least at the bachelor level, but students who are not yet at university or other postsecondary school are welcome, although at least some knowledge of physics is helpful. Additionally, safety regulations require that all visitors be 14 or older.


We invite teachers to get in contact with us if they are interested in collaborating. Facilities for doing hands-on lessons at the facility are in the early planning stages, so for the foreseeable future student tours are the most prominent service we can offer. We also encourage teachers interested in the European XFEL to subscribe to Science in School, a journal for science teachers published by EIROforum, an organization that comprises eight international laboratories in Europe and of which European XFEL is a member. 

General public

European XFEL occasionally holds open days where the general public and visit the experiment hall and other parts of the facility and learn information directly from our scientists. Keep an eye on our Events page for further announcements!


Arwen Cross

+49 40 8998 6531


Our campus restaurant, BeamStop, is open for the general public to enjoy. Lunch is served on workdays 11:30–14:00, and a coffee bar is open 7:00–15:00. Check the BeamStop webpage for the latest information.

European XFEL merchandise

A merchandise collection comprising sweatshirts, T-shirts for adults and kids, coffee mugs, umbrellas,  lunchboxes, our very own campus-produced honey and other items is available for purchase at  our campus restaurant BeamStop on weekdays from 7:00 to 11:30 and from 14:00 to 15:00.