Safety Training

What training courses do I need?

The following safety training courses are available online via the European XFEL online learning management system:

  • Hygiene COVID-19 Training
  • User safety training
  • Chemical and lab safety training
  • Biological Safety Training


The User Safety training and Hygiene COVID-19 Training course need to be completed by all users that require access to physical resources of European XFEL.


Chemical and Biological Safety training courses needs to be completed if you plan to use the following areas:

  • Biological laboratories: chemical and biological safety training, on-site training
  • SPB/SFX sample preparation & delivery laboratory: chemical and biological safety training, on-site training
    • This laboratory is a space directly adjacent to the SPB/SFX instrument and connected by the sample elevator to the XBI laboratories.  Its purpose is to allow for the final steps of sample preparation and the steps to prepare that sample for injection at the SPB/SFX instrument.
  • Sample preparation laboratories: on-site training
  • Chemical laboratories: chemical safety training, on-site training
  • Work with laser class 3B or 4: Certificate about adequate knowledge of the laser safety and working with class 3 and 4 lasers or laser safety training, on-site laser safety training
  • Experiment hutch: on-site training (will be scheduled by local contact)


In case of questions or problems regarding online trainings or certificates please contact the safety group via

How do I register for an on-site training?

The on-site training for "Biological laboratories" (XBI) and "SPB/SFX sample preparation & delivery laboratory" is offered upon request Monday - Friday at 11:00. The training starts in front of the Biological laboratories on floor E0 in the main building. To register for the training, please send an email with the favoured training date to, at least 24 hours before the training start.

The on-site training for "Sample preparation laboratories" (incl. “Chemical laboratories”) is scheduled according to specific user requirements.

Please, contact for more information about dates and times for on-site training for "Sample preparation laboratories".

To learn more about the mentioned laboratories, please visit:

Access to online safety training courses

After A-Form submission the European XFEL User Office provides all listed users with login details to access the online learning management system.

Access to online safety training courses

Access to my training certificates

After you have completed an online safety training course please download your training certificate via the European XFEL training certificate application. Please remember, your certificate(s) must be printed-signed-scanned and sent to the email inbox indicated on the certificate.

Access to online training certificates