Scientific Instrument SCS

Spectroscopy & Coherent Scattering (SCS): Electronic and atomic structure and dynamics of nanosystems and of non-reproducible biological objects using soft X-rays

The SCS instrument aims at the investigation of electronic and atomic structure and dynamics of soft matter, biological structures, magnetic materials and structures. Scientific areas of application are material sciences, structural and cell biology, nanomaterials and dynamics of condensed matter.

Experiments utilize scattering of coherent X-rays and detection of the coherent diffraction pattern. In coherent diffraction imaging (CDI) experiments 2D and 3D structures of condensed-matter samples will be investigated with resolution reaching into the 10 nm regime. Resonant magnetic scattering will be of benefit to study ultrafast magnetic processes of nanostructured materials. Resonant inelastic scattering and emission spectroscopy will enable to investigation of electronic structures. And for large biological structures (large complexes, viruses, cells) the soft X-rays possess optimum parameters to determine 2D structure information. Using X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) in addition the equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics of magnetic systems can be investigated.


  • Conceptual Design Report: Scientific Instrument Spectroscopy and Coherent Scattering (SCS)