Registration of Experiment Team (A-form) and Personal Arrival Form (PAF)


The A-form is the electronic form used for registering the experiment team and confirming samples and substances to be used in the experiment.

Only the Main Proposer fills in the A-form. He/she can add to the A-form only already registered users; therefore, all members of the experiment team must be registered on the User Portal to the European XFEL (UPEX). It is the responsibility of the Main Proposer to make sure that all prospective members of the team create their personal accounts in UPEX in a timely fashion and accept the latest versions of UPEX user policies, terms, and conditions. The Main Proposer should also inform the team members that it is mandatory to successfully complete the online general user safety training before coming to our facility.

For safety and access restriction reasons, a maximum number of 10 participants in each user experiment is recommended. Registration for remote access to user experiment data is possible through the A-form and at any later stage.

The link to the active A-form is available to the Main Proposer in UPEX , (Role: Normal User), on the dashboard (left menu), next to the name of the scheduled proposal.


In addition to the registration of the experiment team, the A-form includes the following :

  • Confirmation of samples/substances to be used during experiments (to be chosen among the samples/substances included in the original proposal). Please refer to our sample policy for detailed  information.
  • Designation of funded users. Detailed information about eligibility criteria and travel funding under user travel regulations.
  • Designation of remote-access users.

The A-form must be completed and submitted at least 4 weeks before the start date of the experiment. Timely submission is in the interest of the user team. This is particularly crucial for practical arrangements (access, accommodation, and travel support), computing accounts, and other aspects of the experiment support. If submissions is late, the User Office can not guarantee that the requested support is provided.


Personal Arrival Form (PAF)

The Personal Arrival Form is the electronic form that each experiment participant has to fill in before arriving at our facility.

After the Main Proposer submits the A-form, all registered participants receive an email containing the link to an electronic form in UPEX, the Personal Arrival Form. In this form, each participant has to provide information about the duration of their stay and may request support for practical arrangements (travel and accommodation for funded users, invitation letters for visa purposes, site access permissions, etc.).

The Personal Arrival Forms must be submitted at least 10 days before the start of the experiment, otherwise User Office cannot guarantee the requested support is provided.


A detailed guide to experiment registration in UPEX can be found here.