27 December 2011 - 03 January 2012
Winter break

20 December 2011
Krzysztof Wrona: Data management and software development

13 December 2011
Ilya Agapov: Towards high-performance calculations of spontaneous radiation emission from the European XFEL undulators

06 December 2011
Markus Kuster: Summary of October 2011 Detector Advisory Committee Meeting

29 November 2011
Andreas Koch: Soft x-ray area detectors

22 November 2011
Nicola Coppola: Status of European XFEL Beam Line Control System

15 November 2011
No meeting

08 November 2011
Wojciech Gawelda: Instrument development for SLS and SwissFEL

01 November 2011
Joachim Schulz: Sample Environment, first considerations

25 October 2011
Tommaso Molaro: Feasibility study for a cryo-cooled Si crystal Monochromator

18 October 2011
Gianluca Geloni: Control of polarization of FEL radiation

11 October 2011
No meeting

04 October 2011
Patrick Gessler: Electronics, timing and readout developments at European XFEL

27 September 2011
No meeting

20 September 2011
Yuhui Li: Alternative method to fine tune the K-Parameter of two undulator segments

13 September 2011
Tobias Haas: Report from FEL conference 2011
Michael Meyer: Report from Shanghai FEL workshop

06 September 2011
Kai Tiedtke, DESY: XGMD with extended energy range

30 August 2011
Burkhard Heisen: Scientific computing developments at the European XFEL

23 August 2011
No meeting.

16 August 2011
Jens Linnemann, HS Emden-Leer: Set-up and test of a 2-axis laser interferometer

12 July - 09 August 2011
Summer break

05 July 2011
Liuba Samoylova: Cross-platform wave optics software for XFEL applications

28 June 2011
Deming Shu, APS: Precision Mechanical Design of an UHV-Compatible Artificial Channel-Cut X-ray Monochromator for XPCS at the APS
Tobias Haas: Room planning XHQ

21 June 2011
Shafagh Dastjani: Interaction of FEL radiation with materials

14 June 2011
Adrian Mancuso: Participation in EC BioStruct-X project

Nikolay Smolyakov and Serguei Tomin, Kurchatov Institute: Activities for undulator radiation simulations - A Russian-German cooperation at European XFEL

07 June 2011
No meeting

31 May 2011
Michael Meyer / Wojciech Gawelda: Participation in SFB 925 Light-induced dynamics and control of correlated quantum systems and Ultrafast electronic correlations in molecular spin transition systems

24 May 2011
Christian Bressler: Conceptual design FXE instrument

17 May 2011
Javier Munilla, CIEMAT: First results of the Quadrupole Mover built by CIEMAT for the European XFEL

10 May 2011
No meeting.

03 May 2011
Liubov Samoylova: Report from ACTOP conference on active x-ray optics

Bin Li: Stability of the pump-probe synchronisation at FLASH

26 April 2011
No meeting

19 April 2011
Harald Sinn: Conceptual design of the x-ray beam transport

12 April 2011
Michael Meyer: Conceptual design of the SQS instrument

05 April 2011
No meeting

29 March 2011
Thomas Tschentscher: The revised X-ray systems layout

22 March 2011
Christian Bressler: The FXE MHz Laser Live on Stage at ID26-ESRF: First Results
Wolfgang Freund: Design of the K-monochromator

15 March 2011
Serguei Molodtsov: Generation of variable polarization FEL radiation

08 March 2011
No meeting

01 March 2011
Christian Bressler: The FXE MHz laser system

22 February 2011
Florian Schwennsen: An introduction to Open Access

15 February 2011
Yuhui Li, Joachim Pflüger: Report from visit to IHEP

08 February 2011
Evgeny Schneidmiller: Optical afterburner for SASE FEL: FLASH results

01 February 2011
No meeting

25 January 2011
Thomas Tschentscher: Proposed update of x-ray systems layout

18 January 2011
Michael Meyer: Report from Trieste Workshop

21 December 2010 - 11 January 2011
Winter break