Corporate design

Logos, colours and templates that comply with our corporate design.

European XFEL GmbH and the European XFEL—one of the world's brightest light sources—want to be clearly visible. This is partly achieved through a uniform use of the company colours and logo.

Here you can find an explanation of the logo, the setup of the colour scheme, and templates for scientific posters and presentation slides.

The logo

What makes an X-ray free-electron laser? The top of our logo shows the basics: First, to the left, a 2.1 km-long superconducting linear accelerator, then an approximately 1 km-long X-ray–generating section in the middle, and finally a 0.4 km-long transport system for your ultrabright X-rays to your experiments on the very right. Download our logo as an EPS file from our media database.

Company colours

The European XFEL corporate design uses four basic colours. A dark blue hue is used for most fonts and strong lines. A lighter blue goes with softer accents, as does a grey colour. For occasional, direct emphasis, a bright orange—an analogy for the X-ray laser flashes generated at the facility—is employed.

Below is a table showing the basic colours and their corresponding codes.

Pantone CMYK sRGB HEX RAL Colour
P2768 100/85/0/65 13/21/70 0D1546 1028 NACHTBLAU  
P144 0/50/100/0 243/146/0 F39200 5022 MELONENGELB  
  67/25/20/0 85/157/187 559DBB    
  0/0/0/40 178/178/178 B2B2B2    



Templates for presentations and posters can be downloaded from the links below:

Presentation, 16x9

Presentation, 4x3

Science poster

Event poster