Renting a flat

Hamburg has many different districts with good infrastructure in natural surroundings, and the area around our facility also offers nice living areas.

For non-local employees hired from outside Germany we will contract our relocation partner, who is experienced in finding appropriate housing for you and your family. After having clarified your needs and wishes, she will visit a number of potential homes with you and consult you regarding price-performance ratio, among other aspects. Finally, she will also assist you in checking the rental agreement, which is usually written in German. While the relocation service and broker’s fee are covered by European XFEL, a security deposit has to be provided by you. If necessary, you can receive a loan from us for this effort. We recommend that you purchase private liability insurance for any damages to the home or apartment which might occur. The costs for such insurance amount to a few euro per month.


Internet, telephone, TV

There are several options available to you for TV, telephone, and Internet access, all priced competitively.

The offers for a combined internet and (domestic) landline flat-rate plan begin at roughly 20 € per month. Usually every flat provides an applicable connection. The monthly costs for a mobile phone contract, including domestic calls and Internet, start at roughly 18 €. The network coverage of the two major suppliers Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone is excellent all over the country, but also lower-price suppliers provide reasonable coverage. TV and radio transmissions in Germany are separated into public and private sectors. Every household has to contribute currently 17.98 € per month to the public TV and radio organization.