Conveniently located on the European XFEL´s campus, BeamStop restaurant offers  delectable lunches bound to satisfy every connoisseur. Every working day, two lunch options are served — including at least one vegan or vegetarian meal, as well as sides, soups, and salads. Alongside the lunchtime offerings, an appetizing breakfast, curated coffee and tempting sandwiches can be enjoyed at BeamStop's Coffee Bar. Summer specials include freshly made smoothies that brighten everyone´s day!


BeamStop is proud to provide an easy and cashless payment option. For all payments at BeamStop, please top up your DESY or EuXFEL access badge with cash or credit card at the machine by the restaurant entrance. Guest payment cards are available for a small deposit at the payment machine.

You may find daily allergen information on a notice board in BeamStop. Please always speak to a member of the BeamStop staff about your allergy concerns.


The European XFEL merchandise can also be purchased at BeamStop. The collection comprises sweatshirts, T-shirts for adults and kids, coffee mugs, umbrellas, lunchboxes, our very own  campus-produced honey and many other collectibles. 

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