3rd European XFEL Users’ Meeting

The XFEL Users’ Meeting is an annual opportunity to deepen the interaction between the European XFEL Project and the scientific user community; the 3rd meeting focused on:

  Name Title Size
Opening session
  Albrecht Wagner, DESY Welcome 3.1 Mb
Project status reports (Chair: Andreas Schwarz)
  Massimo Altarelli, European XFEL Overview of the European XFEL project 3.2 Mb
  Hans Weise, DESY The Accelerator Consortium 29.7 Mb
  Joachim Pflüger, DESY Undulator systems 11.2 Mb
  Harald Sinn, European XFEL Optics and beam transport 1,8 Mb
  Jérôme Gaudin, European XFEL Radiation damage for optical elements 9.1 Mb
News from LCLS (Chair: Thomas Tschentscher)
  J. B. Hastings Report on the status of LCLS 17.7 Mb
Reports from the workshops (Chair: G. Faigel)
  Chris Youngman, European XFEL Data acquisition workshop and data management strategy 2.6 Mb
  M. Meyer, CNRS, Paris SQS workshop 2008 15.3 Mb
  Janos Hajdu, Uppsala SPB workshop 2008 5.8 Mb
  Justin Wark, University of Oxford Forthcoming Workshop: HED workshop 2009 15.4 Mb
Time-dependent phenomena (Chair: C. Bressler)
  H. Schlarb, TU Berlin/FHI Timing and synchronization 17.4 Mb
  H. Ihee, KAIST, Republic of Korea Time-resolved scattering from solutions 16.2 Mb
Soft X-rays FEL spectroscopy (Chair: W. Wurth)
  Serguei L. Molodtsov, European XFEL Spectroscopy of correlated materials: Challenge and FEL potentialities 7.9 Mb
  Marco Grioni, IPN EPFL RIXS: Results and perspectives 10.1 Mb
  Zahid Hussain, ALS Berkeley Scientific opportunities with soft X-rays for understanding emergent phenomena in complex materials 16.1 Mb