European XFEL Young Scientist Award

European XFEL is inviting nominations for the European XFEL Young Scientist Award, which aims at recognizing outstanding contributions of young researchers in the early stages of their career to research at European XFEL.

Candidates should have demonstrated scientific leadership through major contributions to beamtimes, improvements to the facility, data analysis and/or interpretation by means of theory or modelling. While these qualifications generally result in peer-reviewed publications, we would like to encourage the sharing of exciting new results and will also consider candidates whose results are so far unpublished.


Nominations will be reviewed by the User Organization Executive Committee, who will select the winner.


The winner will receive a monetary award (2000 EUR) and be invited to give a talk at the next European XFEL Users' Meeting on 26 January 2022.


In order to be eligible, candidates must have completed their PhD less than 6 years before the nomination deadline, and must not yet be appointed to a tenured professorship position.

The principle of equal opportunity regarding disabilities, diversity, gender equity will be applied in the selection process. Nominations striving to showcase the work of female researchers and nominees with disabilities are encouraged.

Please carefully read the terms of the Young Scientist Award below and submit your nomination before 15 December 2021, 23:59 (Hamburg/Schenefeld local time – CET) though this electronic form:


The terms of this edition of the European XFEL Young Scientist Award can be viewed in this document.

Please also refer to the privacy notice of the European XFEL Young Scientist Award.


For questions please contact: