COVID-19 research opportunities & call for rapid access expressions of interest at European XFEL

The call for expressions of interest presented in this event closed on 17 June 2020. Research projects related to COVID-19 can be submitted in the frame of our regular calls for proposals.

A dedicated online information meeting, hosted by the European XFEL User Organization, took place on Tuesday 09 June 2020. The video of the online event is available in our Image & Video Database.

Meeting chairs:


  • Agenda

    A. Orville (EuXFEL User Organization Executive Committee Chair / XFEL Hub at Diamond Light Source)

  • Introduction - Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the operation of the European XFEL

    R. Feidenhans’l (Managing Director) - 00:04:24 from beginning of video file

  • Facility update

    S. Pascarelli (Scientific Director, Hard X-Ray Instruments) - 00:18:56 from beginning of video file

  • COVID-19 rapid access scheme and procedures

    S. Bertini (User Office) - 00:36:18 from beginning of video file

  • Opportunities for Structural Biology at SPB/SFX

    A. Mancuso (SPB/SFX Instrument) - 00:50:52 from beginning of video file


Facility staff available for questions during the online event:

  • Hans Fangohr (Data Analysis)
  • Dmitry Khakhulin (FXE Instrument)
  • Kristina Lorenzen (User Laboratories)
  • Anders Madsen (MID Instrument)
  • Serguei Molodtsov (Scientific Director, Soft X-ray Instruments)
  • Andreas Scherz (SCS Instrument)
  • Joachim Schulz (Sample Environment and Characterization)
  • Tommaso Mazza (SQS Instrument)