Alona Kubasova (Алена Кубасова)

European XFEL series, acryl on canvas


Alona was born in Crimea. She attended art school from an early age, but stopped doing art when she began work as a flight attendant. Later she rediscovered her art, recognizing its importance for her spiritual fulfillment. She developed her signature dot technique, and gave classes in Ukraine to empower women to explore their creativity and artistic talent. As the war broke out in Ukraine, Alona was on her way to Egypt. With no way of returning to her family in Kyiv, she made her way onto Hamburg with just her work uniform, a swimsuit and digital copies of her art in her luggage. She is currently staying at the European XFEL guesthouse and working as the European XFEL artist in residence.

Alona painting in her atelier at European XFEL