In-kind contributions

Much of the European XFEL's equipment was provided by a variety of European institutes through in-kind contributions. The value of in-kind contributions to the facility amounted to around 50% of the total construction and commissioning budget.

Over 20 institutes across Europe contributed equipment, components, or staff to the European XFEL's construction and commissioning. Each in-kind contribution (IKC) began as a proposal that had to be reviewed by the in-kind review committee (IKRC) and approved by the European XFEL Management Board (for contributions below 1 million euro) or Council (for higher-value contributions, following recommendation by the Administrative and Finance Committee). In the following table, the total values for each country's IKCs are listed.

Number of IKCs
IKC value (k€)


4 087



36 000



446 529



33 000



19 131



42 026



8 071



4 882



8 835

United Kingdom





603 886


DTU, Physics Department, Copenhagen

Technical University of Denmark, Physics Department


  • DK01 (WP-81): Design, production, and commissioning of several components for the scientific instrument FXE
  • DK02 (WP-81, WP-82, WP-83, WP-84) - X-ray beam delivery units: Design, production, and commissioning of X-ray beam delivery units for Work Packages 81, 82, 83, and 84


CNRS (IN2P3), Orsay

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique – Institut National de Physique Nucléaire et de Physique des Particules


  • FR01 (WP-05) - Production of 670 power couplers and RF conditioning and delivery of 812 power couplers

CEA (IRFU), Saclay

Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives – Institut de Recherche sur les lois Fondamentales de l'Univers


  • FR02 (WP-09) - Assembly of cavity strings: Assembly in clean room of 103 strings of 8 superconducting cavities each
  • FR03 (WP-03) - Assembly of cryomodules: Assembly of cryomodules of the superconducting linac, alignment, tests, leak checks, and delivery to AMTF hall
  • FR04 (WP-17) - Re-entrant cavity BPMs for the Beam Position Monitor System; design, production, delivery, and commissioning


DESY, Hamburg

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron


  • DE01 (WP-01) - RF system: design & development of the high power RF system. Procurement, installation, and commissioning of; HV pulse modulators, Klystrons, power supplies, preamplifiers, RF interlocks, RF cables and waveguide systems
  • DE02 (WP-02) - Low Level Radio Frequency System: controllers for the superconducting cavities, design and procurement of hardware and software, installation, and commissioning
  • DE03 (WP-03) - Accelerator Modules: Procurement, Installation and commissioning of accelerator modules
  • DE04 (WP-04) - Superconducting cavities: definition of processes for cavity preparation and assembly, cavities production, adjustment and calibration, delivery to CEA Saclay
  • DE05 (WP-05) - Power couplers: design and procurement of interlock and control electronics, follow-up of IKC by CNRS, commissioning
  • DE07 (WP-07) - Frequency tuner: design, qualification of components, procurement, assembly of mechanism for frequency tuning and stabilization of each accelerator cavity
  • DE08 (WP-08) - Cold vacuum: specifications and design of components, follow-up of BINP contribution, installation, and commissioning
  • DE09 (WP-09) - Supervision of cavity strings assembly: procedures of assembly of 8-cavities string in ISO-4 clean room, cavities transport rack, follow-up and control of activities at CEA Saclay during assembly in series
  • DE10 (WP-10) - Cryogenics for the AMTF: Infrastructure and cryogenic components for the AMTF hall; magnet test cryostat, 2 helium pumps, pipeline bridge, 2 valve boxes, subcooler box, helium storage dewar, cryogenics control system, shielding of 3 test stands.
  • DE11 (WP-11) - Current leads and tests of the super-conducting magnets: specifications and design of a superconducting magnet package including a superferric quadrupole and 2 nested deflecting dipoles using special current leads, to be mounted inside each cryomodule
  • DE12 (WP-12) - Warm magnets: overall layout, specifications, coordination of contributions by BINP and Efremov Institute, installation and commissioning of about 700 magnets
  • DE13 (WP-13) - Cryogenic supply to the Accelerator Complex: Cryogenics for linac, XFEL Helium refrigerator, pipeline bridge to XSE, XFEL cryogenic process controls, follow-up of IKCs by BINP and IHEP, coordination of installation and commissioning
  • DE14 (WP-14) - Photocathode laser, solenoid magnets, and cathode system
  • DE15 (WP-15) - Bunch Compression and Start-to-End Simulation
  • DE16 (WP-16) - Lattice: Beam optics design and beam kickers
  • DE17 (WP-17) - Standard Electron Beam Diagnostics: Button and Cavity BPMs, screen monitors, beam intensity and loss monitors, coordination of IKCs by CEA, PSI and IHEP, commissioning
  • DE17b (WP-17) - Standard Electron beam diagnostics
  • DE18 (WP-18) - Synchronisation and special diagnostics: Special e-beam diagnostics; TDS specifications and follow-up of contract with INR, control system and synchronization with master clock, installation and commissioning
  • DE19 (WP-19) - Warm vacuum: design and procurement of vacuum chambers and of control electronics, follow-up of contract with BINP, installation and commissioning
  • DE20 (WP-20) - Beam Dumps: specifications, design of exchange vehicle, follow-up of contract with IHEP, performing tests and commissioning
  • DE21 (WP-21) - FEL Concepts: reference design base of the FEL layout, calculation of SASE parameters
  • DE28 (WP-28) - Accelerator Control System
  • DE32 (WP-32) - Survey & Alignment: manpower and instrumentation for alignment of equipment in the tunnels
  • DE33 (WP-33) - Tunnel Installation: manpower for planning, preparing and executing the complete tunnel installation
  • DE34 (WP-34) - Utilities: Utilities in buildings and tunnels; system design, procurement, installation and commissioning
  • DE34a (WP-34) - Prototype development and series production of regulation electronics and of voltage measurement for the quench detection and feed through protection for power supplies of the super-conducting magnets  
  • DE34b (WP-34) - “Utilities” here IT infrastructure
  • DE35 (WP-35) - Radiation Safety: guidelines, supervision and control, detectors and monitoring
  • DE36 (WP-36) - General Safety
  • DE38 (WP-38) - Personnel Interlock: system design, procurement and installation on site
  • DE39 (WP-39) - EMC Electro Magnetic Compatibility; rules and guideline, follow-up and control of all concerned equipment and activities
  • DE40 (WP-40) - Information and process support
  • DE45 (WP-45) - AMTF Hall and technical infrastructure: construction of the hall and installation of utilities
  • DE46 (WP-46) - High power RF system, tuner electronics, diagnostics, vacuum accessories, module assembly, components, and system tests; 3.9 GHz module, coordination and commissioning
  • DECO - Commissioning of the European XFEL


INFN, Milano

Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare


  • IT01 (WP-04) - Production, tests and delivery of Niobium cavities (50%)
  • IT02 (WP-03) - Production and delivery to Saclay of 25 cryomodule pressure vessels
  • IT03 (WP-46) - Production and delivery of the 3.9 GHz accelerator module


NCBJ, Świerk

National Centre for Nuclear Research


  • PL01 (WP-06) - For the Design, production, test and delivery of; the Higher Order Mode couplers, and the Beam Line Absorbers for the Accelerator Complex of the European XFEL Facility
  • PL08 (WP-91) - Production of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) crates for six instruments


WUT, Wrocław

Wrocław University of Technology


  • PL04 (WP-10) - Design, production, test and delivery of cryogenic components for the AMTF Hall; Cryogenic transfer line XATL1 and two vertical test stands and accessories


IFJ-PAN, Kraków

The Henryk Niewodniczański Institute for Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Science


  • PL05 (WP-10) - Tests of cavities and cryomodules: Qualification tests of all Nb cavities and of all cryomodules in the AMTF hall; procedures, logistics, QA issues, test reports, database management
  • PL07 (WP-11) - Tests of cold magnets: Tests of all cold magnets in the AMTF hall; procedure, logistics, QA issues, test reports, database management


JINR, Dubna

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


  • RU03 (WP-74) -  Design, development, production and delivery of MCP based detectors


IHEP, Protvino

Institute for High Energy Physics


  • RU07 (WP-13) – Procurement and delivery of Cryogenic equipment: design, production, delivery, installation and commissioning
  • RU08 (WP-20) - Procurement and delivery of Beam Dumps: design, production, and tests of 5 Main Dumps and 2 Injector Dumps, including supports, shielding and exchange tools
  • RU09 (WP-17) - Production and delivery of Mechanical components and scintillators for the Beam Loss Monitors: production, assembly and tests


NIIEFA, St Petersburg

D.V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus


  • RU11 (WP-12) - Production and delivery of warm magnets: design, production and delivery


BINP, Novosibirsk

Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Siberian Branch of Academy of Science


  • RU17 (WP-12) - Production and delivery of 125 “warm” magnets of type XQA: design, production, tests and delivery to Stockholm
  • RU18 (WP-08) - Design, production and delivery of vacuum components
  • RU19 (WP-19) - Design, production and delivery of vacuum components
  • RU20 (WP-10) - Design, production and delivery of 3 test stands for the AMTF: including moving supports, feed boxes, feed & end caps, adapters, transfer lines and assembly
  • RU21 (WP-34) - Design, production and delivery of power supplies for corrector magnets
  • RU24 (WP-13) - Design, production and delivery of cryogenic equipment: XLVB Linac Valve Box and XICE components; installation and commissioning
  • RU25 (WP-12) - Production and delivery of 22 coil sets for XQK warm magnets


INR, Moscow

Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Science


  • RU22 (WP-18) - Transverse Deflecting Structures and High Power RF Systems for the TDS Systems:  design, production, delivery and commissioning


CELLS, Barcelona

Consortium for Construction, Equipment, Exploitation of the Synchrotron Light Laboratory


  • ES01 (WP-71): Payment for 7 mechanical support systems for the undulators


CIEMAT, Madrid

Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas


  • ES02 (WP-11): Cold magnets: design, production, tests, and delivery to DESY of 103 magnets
  • ES04 (WP-71): 91 Phase shifters and Quadrupole movers for the undulators intersections: design, prototypes, series production, and delivery to DESY


UPM, Madrid

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


  • ES03 (WP-34): 222 Power supplies (4 types) for the cold quadrupole and dipole magnets: design, prototypes, series production, tests, and delivery to DESY


KTH, Stockholm

Royal Institute of Technology


  • SE02 (WP-73) - Heat load investigations on diffractive optics: fabrication of "zone plate" nanostructures on diamond substrate, simulations of heat transport, design of cooling systems, and heat load tests with beam


MSL, Stockholm

Manne Siegbahn Lab at Stockholm University


  • SE04 (WP-12) – Characterization and Fiducialization of Undulator quadrupoles: measurement of the magnetic axis with 2-micrometer resolution, measurement of distance between magnetic axis and fiducials within 50 micrometers
  • SE06 (WP-71) - Temperature measurement system for undulators: system design and validation, production and delivery of temperature sensors


Physto, Stockholm

Physics Department at Stockholm University


  • SE05 (WP-28) - Accelerator Control System: configuration and authentication management


UU, Uppsala

Uppsala University


  • SE01 (WP-79) - Sample injector and diagnostic system: design, production and delivery of a sample injector and catcher system with laser-based injector alignment, and of optical probes to record plasma emission at the interaction point
  • SE03 (WP-14) - Laser heater: Laser heater system for the injector; design, production, test, delivery, and commissioning
  • SE08 (WP-84) - Secondment of staff for research in the field of structural biology


PSI, Villigen

Paul Scherrer Institut


  • CH03 (WP-17) – Standard Electron Beam Diagnostics: design, production, installation, and commissioning
  • CH04 (WP-16) - Transverse Intra-Bunch Train Feedback System

United Kingdom

Science and Technology Facilities Council

  • Train builder and large pixel detector

Further information

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