Workshops and meetings

[2022] Data analysis at the European XFEL

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The experiments performed at the European XFEL generate enormous amounts of data. While online analysis, which happens in near real-time, provides crucial feedback to steer the experiment, more rigorous offline analysis is necessary for new scientific findings.
One of the missions of the Data Analysis group is to provide tools to enable analysis and interpretation of data, both online and offline.
The aim of this workshop is to introduce the various tools that we develop and to provide examples of their use, as well as to bring in the point of view of the Users and their feedback. We will also talk about how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used for data analysis, and discuss new ideas together.

This meeting is part of the European XFEL Users’ Meeting 2022.

[2021] Artificial Intelligence workshop at EuXFEL

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Online workshop hosted by the European XFEL to discuss the latest development in Artificial Intelligence applied to photon science.