XFEL: Statement on the war in Ukraine

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Statement on the war in Ukraine

Dear colleagues,

As a scientific facility dedicated to peaceful, non-military research enabling scientists from all over the world to advance knowledge and solve major societal challenges, the management and staff of European XFEL call for an immediate end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is against humanity and an inacceptable violation of international law.

As a consequence of the tragic events, we will not start new agreements with Russian institutions and will suspend existing ones, while respecting the mandatory legal obligations of European XFEL.

Our future relationships with researchers and institutions based in Russia will be decided by our Council in due course. We are deeply convinced that scientific cooperation can promote peace and that research can best flourish in a democratic international society through collaboration based on our European values.

The staff members of European XFEL come from over 50 countries. Every one of them is a valued member of our community, no matter which passport they have. Our thoughts are with the suffering people of Ukraine, the many refugees, and the innocent victims. We affirm our solidarity with those affected by the war and are joining initiatives to provide support and help.


Prof. Robert Feidenhans’l                                     Dr. Nicole Elleuche

Managing Directors