XFEL: Video series on European XFEL instruments

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Video series on European XFEL instruments

Leading scientists take you on a virtual tour and explain the details of their instruments

Download [1.6 MB, 3543 x 2362]
The HED experiment station. Copyright: European XFEL / Jan Hosan

What lies at the end of the 3.4 km underground tunnel that runs from DESY to the European XFEL campus in Schenefeld? Six instruments each optimized for particular purposes. What kind of experiments do scientists perform on these instruments and what makes them cutting-edge? Giving you the best possible insights into each of these  instruments are the respective leading scientists. In a new video series, the scientists take you on a ‘virtual tour’ of their instrument. In the shorter version they address a wide audience, and experts can tune in to the longer version to get more in-depth information.

Every week, for the next six weeks, you can tune in to our social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube) and get to know the six instruments: HED, MID, FXE, SPB/SFX, SQS, and SCS in use currently. These six scientific instruments, with vastly different components and uses, were developed with the input of specialists from around the world. From studying matter under extreme conditions of pressure, temperature, or electric fields to investigating the crystals of macromolecules and macromolecular complexes as well as viruses, organelles, and cells, the European XFEL instruments can uncover the best kept secrets in biology, chemistry, physics and material sciences.