XFEL: Sunshine, science and seed bombs at European XFEL’s first open day in Schenefeld

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Sunshine, science and seed bombs at European XFEL’s first open day in Schenefeld

More than 2500 visitors to event in Schenefeld

On Saturday, under sunny spring skies, more than 2500 visitors attended European XFEL’s first Open Day on the campus in Schenefeld. Guests of all ages enjoyed a diverse and varied program of activities, talks, exhibitions and tours, giving an insight into the work, staff and community of the new research centre.

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European XFEL Administrative Director Nicole Elleuche gives a talk at the Science Slam at the Open Day. © European XFEL

Schleswig Holsteins Minister for Science Karin Prien, Schenefeld Mayor Christiane Küchenhof and European XFEL Managing Director Prof. Robert Feidenhans’l officially opened the event just after midday. “It’s great to see so much interest in our facility!” said Feidenhans’l. “We are very proud to be able to present our facility. More than 150 staff members of European XFEL, as well as our campus partners have worked really hard in preparation for this premiere. Seeing so much enthusiasm for science among people of all age groups is an additional boost for our work during the next few weeks and months. I thank all staff member and campus partners for their support that has made this day possible.” Later Hamburg’s second mayor and science minister Katharina Fegebank also visited the event and greeting the visitors.

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Left to right: Schenefeld Mayor Christiane Küchenhof, European XFEL Administrative Director Nicole Elleuche, Schleswig-Holstein Science Minister Karin Prien, and European XFEL Managing Director Prof. Robert Feidenhans'l during the visit to the tunnel. © European XFEL

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Magic Andy © European XFEL
On the main stage Insa Backe moderated a diverse program of inspiring talks from European XFEL and DESY staff, soothing music, and exploding science shows from "Magic Andy". Away from the action and music, the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) offered visitors a chance to sit back with a cup of coffee in the spring sunshine while making seed bombs, enjoying the natural beauty of the campus and chat about the renaturation activities on site. Other collaboration partners included DESY, who set up a control room for the event enabling visitors to watch the European XFEL accelerators in action. The DESY technical services truck was also on show on site as was the local fire brigade who offered water shooting games.