User experience of data analysis at European XFEL

28 January 2020 / DESY, Hamburg

Date: 28 January 2020
Location: DESY, Hamburg
Organizer: Fabio Dall’Antonia and Hans Fangohr

This community driven satellite workshop is focused on sharing user experience from users with users. The event is split into two short sessions on the topics of (i) online data analysis and (ii) offline data analysis and data reduction. This is complemented with opportunities to network through informal exchanges.
Both sessions of about 45 minutes are planned to start with three very brief presentation from users to kick start the discussions, who will use 3-slide presentations each to summarise the what, how and why of their specific data analysis at EuXFEL.
We invite all users to share their experience through participation in subsequent discussions. The remaining time is scheduled for questions and answers between presenters and audience.
Future users are of course welcome to attend the event as well.
The emphasis of the event is on exchanging data analysis experience from using European XFEL to avoid duplication of effort, establish and share best practice, and for European XFEL to seek guidance on the community's wishlist for continued, improved and new services.
The workshop starts at 14:00 and concludes with an open ended coffee and networking session from approximately 15:40 onwards.