Current status and future completion at the HED instrument and the HIBEF contributions (updated title)

28 January 2020 / European XFEL, Schenefeld

Date: 28 January 2020
Location: European XFEL, Schenefeld
Organizer: Ulf Zastrau and Carsten Baehtz

The half-day workshop on the HED instrument and the HIBEF User Consortium will take place in the large seminar room E1.173 at the European XFEL headquarter building in Schenefeld. You will hear status updates of different experimental setups, which came online in the last month, and perspectives of the HED instrumentation also in view of beamtime application for upcoming runs. After a coffee break, the second part of the afternoon will concentrate on HiBEF UC contributions with special emphasis on theHigh-Energy laser DIPOLE, which will be installed and commissioned in 2020, and diagnostic tools used in shock compression experiments. In addition, status of the TW laser and planned first commission experiments will be represented. We plan for a reception in the “BeamStop” in the evening.