Chemical Dynamics Opportunities at the FXE Instrument

28 January 2020 / DESY, Hamburg / European XFEL, Schenefeld

Date: 28 January 2020
Location: DESY, Hamburg / Building 99, CFEL Room 1-2/European XFEL, Schenefeld
Organizer: Christian Bressler, Wojciech Gawelda and Dmitry Khakhulin

The Femtosecond X-Ray Experiments (FXE) Instrument has recently taken large steps towards experiments for time-resolved x-ray emission (XES) and wide-angle scattering (WAXS) studies. The instrument can now host experiments, which demand an unprecedented high average flux and signal quality. This is possible due to the MHz delivery rate of 2-4 mJ x-ray pulses from the SASE1 undulator. Experiments at FXE will benefit from the spin and electronic sensitivity delivered from XES data, and from structural dynamics studies exploiting WAXS at up to 20 keV x-radiation. At these high energies one can more reliably determine the intramolecular structural changes, since the larger q values now available (to determine molecular structure changes) do not strongly depend on the much stronger solvent response, which is dominant in the low q range previously covered by <10 keV WAXS studies

The FXE User Workshop will focus on the current operation status and present recent user experiments. It is ideally addressing scientists who areconsidering to exploit FXE for their research. The meeting also aims at opening up opportunities for discussion and setting up collaborations, especially for new or unexperienced users.

Scientists wishing to acquire a general knowledge about our instruments, the present status of the facility and the unique capabilities of the instruments in steady operation, are encouraged to also attend our Users’ Meeting right afterwards (29-31 January 2020 ) in Hamburg, which will also allow discussion with our scientists and obtaining useful information for future beam time proposals.